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Evolving Corporate Culture Report

Evolving Corporate Culture Report
Diversification of environment is the key to the growth in today's competitive global marketplace. No longer can America's organizations and corporations hide behind their lack of cultural intelligence. All organizations that seek global market relevancy means embracing diversity in elements such as how they perceive, think, act and innovate. Thus, they take into consideration all the factors that affect strategic planning and management.
Corporate management is the process of leading, administrating and directing a company. Business tasks often performed by corporate management might include strategic planning, and managing company resources and applying them with a focus on attaining the company’s objectives.
Expansion of global business space of an organization or a company can lead to amid challenges in its operations hence the need for change in corporate strategic management. For instance, the Equity Bank in Kenya was a local corporation initially but in the recent years, it has expanded its scope to other countries and states e.g. Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This has led to the need for changes in its corporate operations due to large scope. Thus, it is true that its expansion has resulted in various changes; these include; change in strategic management, change in business planning, change in controlling and financial management, change in marketing management, change in logistics, change in production management, total productive maintenance, quality management and change in human resource management. Thus, the objectives of the Equity Bank have currently changed to that of international agenda.
In this report, I want to analyze how the following concepts have direct effects on globalization I. How the global mindset of a manager affects the…...

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