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Microsoft Server 1 Lab 6.1

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Microsoft Server 1

6.1 Lab

1.What headings are available in the right-handed pane?montor tools,data collector ,and reports

2.What is monitored by% idle time?

3.What instances are available in the instances osf slected object section?

4.What is the average value of% idle time of the w2k839 computer?95.418

5.What is the average value of processor queue length on the W2kzzcomputer?


6.What subheading are available in the system stability report selection?

Software unitalls, application failure, hardware failure, windows and miscellaneous

7.Waht logs are available by default?

Application,security,setup,system and forward event

8.What is most recent Event id logged to the Application log?

Application,security,setup,system,forward events

9.What is the most recent Event ID logged to security log?


10.What is most recent event id logged to setup log?


11. What is most recent event id logged to system log?


12.How many events are displayed in this custom view?


13.What is the keyboard shortcut to begin a network capture?


14.What appears in the Capture Filter pane?

15.Does anything appear in the Network Conversations pane?


16.Does anything appear in the Network Conversations pane?

All traffic,my traffic,

17.Where will WSUS downloads be stored by default?


18.What database does WSUS use by Default?


19.What types of updates does WSUS download by default?

Automatic updates

20.What nodes are available under the W2K40 node?…...

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