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In Miyazaki films, he strengthens the importance of protecting the environment in order to remain the nature beauty of the Earth. He is inspired by the environmental issues happening around Japan or even the globe which reflects the attitude of the people who mistreat the environment. In Nausicaa of the valley of the wind, in 1984, the film stresses the idea of protecting the environment. This film was released by the recommendation of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). He built up a character, Nausicaa, who is a strong woman from the Valley of the Wind who involved in a struggle with Tolmekia, a kingdom that tries to use an ancient weapon to get rid of a jungle of mutant giant insects. Nausicaä must think of some ways to overcome this situation. He gets his idea from the post-World War II pollution of Japan’s Minamata bay. The incident started with the wastes which was accumulated in the bay and soon cause the mercury poisoning of the people who ate the fish ( Griesbauer). After the people realized the truth, they stop consuming this kind of fish. On the other hand, the fish were still be able to survive under this severe condition in the bay. In Nausicaa, he illustrated the fukai (Sea of Decay), fungi, giant insects, and deadly plants which represented the severe condition of the environment. The colour used on the environment was dull to show the consequences of destroying the nature. In his another well-known product, My neighbor Totoro (1988), it again showed the mistreatment towards the environment by the mankind. This film focuses on the implantation of awareness towards the environment. He portrayed the relationship between humans and environment. Throughout the whole storyline, Satsuki and Mei had their first footsteps into new rural surroundings as they discover the beauty of nature in their backyard. For example, the forest meant something to Mei and treated it as a magical place. They showed further appreciation towards the environment while taking part in the ceremonial sprouting dance. The people too paid respect to the forest spirits as the Shinto shrines are being used. Father of Satsuki and Mei brought them to a giant camphor tree and bowed in front of it. Through this action, it clearly shown that Miyazaki bases environmentalism as theme in the film. As the environmental issues become more and more concerning by human kind, one of the film produced by Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke may be one of the references which promotes the ecological themes. He takes close up on the greed of humanity that causes impacts on the nature. The story was illustrated by Muromachi period of Japan, Ashitaka, the main character needed to travel faraway mountain range in search of forest spirit. He then encounter Iron Town, which was mainly supported by iron mining. This activity involve deforestation that influence the living spaces of living kinds in the forest. In further of the story, the leader of the town, Eboshi took down the forest spirit and a flood of a substance that kills everything it touches, including all of the plants and animals of the forest. The forest back to peace after Ashitaka and San put back the forest spirit into the headless body of forest spirit. In this entire film, the author showed the cruelness of the mankind towards the environment. The interaction of each other must be attained to ensure the continuity of environment to the next generation. For example, the forest must be protected and should not be neglected in order to make ways for development. In support of protecting the environment, Totoro Forest Project has been held up. This project is an international charity activity in order to save the Sayama Forest, as known as Totoro Forest. The name of this project is inspired from the character, Totoro in ‘My neighbour Totoro’. This is for an auction to benefit the Totoro No Furusato (Totoro’s Homeland) National Fund. The preservation of the Sayama Forest Forest occupies 15 square miles of land which includes wetlands and paddy fields. Miyazaki had use this forest as the inspiration for this animated film. He too help to establish the organization with a small group of artists who started up this campaign.…...

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