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Mkt 438 Public Relations Final Exam Answers

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MKT 438 Public Relations Final Exam Answers

Multiple Choice Value: 40 Points (2 point each) 1. The objective of public relations is to sell:
1. An organization’s products
2. An organization’s people
3. An organization’s cash flow
4. An organization
2. The R-A-C-E approach to defining public relations includes the following components:
1. Results, analysis, communication, explanation
2. Research, attitude, communication, explanation
3. Research, action, communication, evaluation
4. Research, analysis, communication, evaluation
3. The job of public relations professional is very much that of an “interpreter,” where he interprets:
1. Management to the public and the public to management
2. Management to the public
3. The public to management
4. Many publics to many managers
4. Which of the following trends contributed to the evolution of public relations in the United States?
1. Economic recovery from the depression
2. America’s expansion into the western part of the continent
3. The growth of big business
4. The rise of powerful political machines in Washington politics
5. Public relations goals must be defined by:
1. Good judgment
2. Public relations management
3. Marketing goals
4. An organization’s goals
6. Morale at the company was low after a series of severe firings. “I’ve got just the thing to get morale back up again,” said Darren, the firm’s public relations director. “We’ll start an employee television program. We start filming tomorrow.” What vital public relations step did Darren overlook?
1. Implementation
2. Communication
3. Research
4. Action 7. A public relations professional isn’t really communicating unless someone at the other end ___________the communication.
1. Hears
2. Hears and acts on
3. Hears and understands

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