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Week One Content Outline: Fundamentals of global marketing

OBJECTIVE: Identify the components of a global marketing venture.

Resource: Ch. 1 of Global Marketing: Foreign Entry, Local Marketing & Global Management


• The Global Marketing Task (in Johansson)

o Going Global (pp. 5-6) o The New Global Environment (pp. 6-14) o Key Concepts (pp. 14-20) o Why Companies go Global? (pp. 20-24) o Developing Knowledge Assets (pp. 24-25) o Global Marketing Objectives (pp. 25-26) o Three Hats (pp. 26-27)

OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the competitive environment using Porter’s five forces model.

Resource: Ch. 2 of Global Marketing: Foreign Entry, Local Marketing & Global Management (Johansson)


• Theoretical Foundations (in Johansson)

o Country-Specific Advantages (CSAs) (pp. 33-39) o Firm-Specific Advantages (FSAs) (pp. 40-47) o FSAs, CSAs, and Regionalization (pp. 47-48) o Extending Porter’s Five Forces Model (pp. 48-51) o Rivalry Between Global Competitors (pp. 51-52) o Strategy and the Three Hats (pp. 53-54)

OBJECTIVE: Explain cultural factors that impact the global marketplace.

Resource: Ch. 3 of Global Marketing: Foreign Entry, Local Marketing & Global Management (Johansson)


• Cultural Foundations (in Johansson)

o The Meaning of Culture (pp. 60-64) o Cultures across Countries (pp. 65-70) o Culture and “How to Do Business” (pp. 70-72) o Culture and Negotiations (pp. 72-75) o Industrial Buyers (pp. 75-77) o The Limits to Cultural Sensitivity (p. 78) o Culture and The Three Hats (pp. 78-81)

Note: The information above is intended to help you complete your assignments. Be sure to read chapters in their entirety, as indicated in the syllabus. Additional information from sections not outlined above may be…...

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