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Mode of Tansportation of Students

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I.D. no.________ College_______ Gender_______ Age_____
1. What Mode of Transportation do you use going to school?
A. Car B. Train C. Bus D. Jeep E. Others (specify) _______________
2. How long is your trip going to school? _______ (min)
3. How much do you spend for your transportation weekly? _______ (pesos)
4. Are you satisfied with your current transportation?
___Yes ___No
5. What mode of transportation do you prefer? A. Car B. Train C. Bus D. Jeep E. Others
6. How many cars do your family own? _______
7. Do you know how to drive? ___Yes ___No
8. How many can drive in your family? Z___________________
9. Does your family hire a driver?
___Yes ___No

10. How many drivers do you have? (Skip if none)

Rate from 1 for strongly disagree, 2 for disagree, 3 for neutral, 4 for agree and 5 for strongly agree
______ 11. Using a car is the best mode of transportation
______ 12. Public transportation is for the poor
______ 13. Waiting in traffic is better than waiting for a train/jeep/bus
______ 14. Knowing how to drive is a privilege
______ 15. Someone who uses a car going to school is considered rich
______ 16. Riding in a train is more practical than riding a car
______ 17. Riding a jeep is better than riding in a train
______ 18. Driving is more tiring than standing in a train
______ 19. I am satisfied with my mode of transportation
______ 20. I would use a bike going to school…...

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