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Module 1 Short Answer

An operating system is a level of programming that allows you to do stuff with computers. It interacts with the computer’s hardware to transmit your command into a language the computer can interpret. Operating systems is like a computer manager what a software needs and what your system can provide to support the software needs that includes your memory processing unit and your computer storage access among other things that makes sure your system is never overtaxed.
The five differences I came up with is price, quantity of functions, compatibility, easy to use, easy to find system. Windows is most common due to its mid-range price and most popular used in the operating systems today. Mac OS is in the higher range of price but hardly any compatibility but good for home pc that you don’t use to play games or want any viruses because Mac has very little virus due to the windows market share. Almost every application or game will work on a windows operating system but due to this you may need a antivirus on your system due to windows is very vulnerable to viruses. With windows there is also so many functions to make windows very easily to use and with its popularity it has the highest tech support although windows due run slower due to all

the applications and software it can run. Mac OS is high in price due to its high reliability and it looks way better than a windows. Linux is the cheapest operating system because it is just a kernel and not a full operating system. With that being said, Linux also has fewer virus capabilities than a windows but more than a Mac OS. Linux is also more complicated to use but fewer software and applications can be used than a windows. There also is not many vendors of a Linux operating system where most operators of a Linux operating system buys a windows and rebuilds it to a Linux system.…...

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