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Modus Operadi

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Modus Operandi and Offender’s Signature

Modus operandi and offender signature are the most common and modern aspects of forensic psychology used in the criminal investigations. They help the investigators of a given crime in identification and measurement of criminal behavior in the forensic analysis of criminals. For one to perform effective investigations of a serial crime, the investigator should clearly understand these profiling concepts. While modus operandi is generally the methods used to commit a crime, offender signature is that which helps the criminal to serve their emotional and psychological needs. (Turvey, 2002).
The difference between modus operandi and offender signature
These two terms are quite different and are commonly used in the criminal setting. Basically, Modus operandi refers to the methods that a criminal uses to execute successfully a crime, avoid its detection and finally facilitate escape or avoid being captured. All crimes have modus operandi. The suspect's modus operandi can help the investigators in the identification, apprehension or repression of the suspect and further can help in establishing links between crimes. In the case of a murder crime, the factors considered in identifying the modus operandi would include; i. The weapon type that the criminal used to kill the victim ii. The pattern of injuries on the victim iii. The place where the victim was attacked iv. The time the victim was attacked v. The type of tools that were used to access the victim’s home if attacked in their areas of residence.
(McClellan, 2010)
An example of the MO is; A serial killer who kills a child and dumps the child in the river to hide evidence. Another example of an MO is when the robber covers the mouth of the victim with a piece of cloth. This indicates that the victim was…...

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