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Moment of Greatness

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“Moments of Greatness”
The Moments of Greatness article explores entering the fundamental state of leadership. The author, Robert Quinn, discusses how individuals can strive to always lead at their best. It doesn’t come from traditional training methods which believe leadership comes from studying behavior of others. Quinn concluded that when leaders are at their best they don’t copy anyone. They draw on their own values and frame a reaction appropriate to their personality. This is at the core of fundamental leadership. Quinn believes that everyone can function at a fundamental state of leadership by asking the following 4 questions:
Am I results centered? - Have you articulated the results you want?
Am I internally directed? - Are you willing to challenge others’ expectations?
Am I others focused? - Have you put your organization’s needs above your own?
Am I externally open? - Do you recognize signals suggesting need for change?

You cannot always perform in the fundamental state. But by entering this state you become more comfortable and will return more often and inspire others at the same time. In the normal state people stay in their comfort zone. They allow others to direct how they react. This creates a pattern of leadership where imaginative ideas or thoughts are never explored. Boundaries are never tested to see how far you can go. The result is to stay complacent and in the same state of mind.
Getting into the fundamental state can be very uncomfortable. Individuals have to move out of their comfort zone. Transforming into the fundamental state is where the real work lies. Focusing on the four key questions above will give you a pathway to reach the ultimate state of leadership. By delving deep into your own experience, true insight is obtained. We all have memories that are hard to revisit. The best lessons learned, were the…...

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