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Division of Business | Course: HND Level 5 Business (management) | Year: 2015/16 | Student Name: | UNIT 03: Organisations and Behavior | Lecturers Name: Dr O. Shittu | Date Issued: 25th of April 2016 | Completion Date: 20th of July 2016 | Fail Pass Merit Distinction P11.1 | P21.2 | P31.3 | P41.4 | P52.1 | P62.2 | P72.3 | P82.4 | P93.1 | P103.2 | P113.3 | P123.4 | P134.1 | P144.2 | P154.3 | P164.4 | M1 | M2 | M3 | D1 | D2 | D3 | | Learning Outcomes: 1 Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture 2 Understand different approaches to management and leadership 3 Understand ways of using motivational theories in organisations 4 Understand mechanisms for developing effective teamwork in organisations. Comments:Assessor’s Signature:______________ Referred Date:______________ | Late: Yes No | Internal Verification: Yes No |
I declare that the work I am submitting for assessment contains no sections in copied in whole or part from any other source, unless it is explicitly identified by means of quotation mark or by means of wholly indented paragraphs. I declare that I have also acknowledged such quotations by providing detailed references in an approved format. I understand that unidentified and un-referenced copying both constitutes plagiarism which is an offence. I give my consent for my work being scanned by Turnitin formatively and summatively for the purposes of assessment.

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Student Name | | | | Assessors Name | Dr O. Shittu | | | Qualification | HND Business | Level | 5 | Awarding body | EDEXCEL | Unit name | Organisation and Behavior |

LO 1 | Understand the…...

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