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I'M ALERT - Food Safety
Training Acknowledgement Form
Overview Foodborne Illness Potentially Hazardous Food Contamination Of Food Temperature Control Food Handling Skills And Knowledge Food Receipt Food Storage Food Processing Food Display Food Packaging Food Transportation Food Disposal Food Recall Health Of Persons Who Handle Food Hygiene Of Food Handlers General Duties Of Food Businesses Cleanliness Cleaning And Sanitising Of Specific Equipment Structure, Design And Maintenance Temperature Measuring Devices Single Use Items Animals and Pests Management Control Techniques - HACCP, Food Safety Program

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Assessment Completed



To Do List: Action Item

Date Completed

Make yourself aware of the location of the designated hand wash basin/s in your work area Make yourself aware of the location where the thermometer is stored
Type of Training (Please Circle): INDUCTION or ONGOING

I, cheung wai william wong, hereby certify that I have undergone and understood the training components and assessments indicated above. I agree to abide by these practices and recognise that complying with these procedures will assist in ensuring healthy and safe working conditions.


cheung wai william wong



sharyn mckimmin manage airport retail enterprises, brisbane domestic airport



* Save and file as part of your employee business records.
Copyright © 2009 I’M ALERT Food Safety. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 I'M ALERT Food Safety. All Rights Reserved.


Brisbane City Council


A Han ll Food d Obli lers Ha v gati ons e & N ew Z e a l a


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