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1. This study aims to include the Basic Reserve Officer Training Course as a pre-requisite to all trainees of Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School. This further aims to help increase the number of reserve force in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

2. The Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School (PAFOCS) is the implementing arm in the conduct of training for PAF Officership, both for the Philippine Air Force Regular Officer Procurement Program (PAFROPP) and the Probationary Officer Training Course (POTC). Its responsibilities lie in the proper preparation of the education and training environment such as instructors, curricula, and facilities and the over-all training operations in the School. The program for officer procurement and selection of best qualified candidates are the responsibilities of the Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Personnel, A-1 of the Headquarters Philippine Air Force.

3. At present, the PAFROPP Qualifications to all applicants who will be trainees at PAFOCS include: a) natural born citizen of the Philippines; b) baccalaureate degree holder; c) must be single; d) must be physically, mentally, and psychologically fit for active military service; e) must not be less than twenty (20) years old not more than twenty four (24) years old upon admission; and f) 152.4 cm (5’0”) in height both for male and female. None of the above-mentioned qualifications indicate that applicants of PAFROPP should have military background or orientation. DISCUSSION 3. The PAF Officer Candidate School located at Air Education and Training Command, Fernando Air Base, Lipa City, Batangas is presently training forty five (45) Officer Candidate School, two (2) are Advance ROTC and POTC graduates while six (6) have completed the Basic Military Training School and the rest are purely civilians without any military trainings or orientation whatsoever prior to their entry at PAFOCS. Evaluating the Program of Instruction formulated by PAFOCS, it appears that 40% or equivalent to three (3) months of the training is allotted for military indoctrination, and the rest is for leadership and professionalism. With a 15-month training period, this number could have been decreased and used for other essential military trainings that were not anymore included in the POI but are equally important such as Disaster Response and Military Intelligence, if the Officer Candidates (as what they are called) have already undergone Basic ROTC where military indoctrination is the emphasis. 4. 2LT BEE-JAY T MIGUEL, former Acting Head, Department of Military Training and now the Assistant Head revealed that it is easier to train Officer Trainees (POTC Students) who are all graduates of Basic and Advance ROTC that the former who have no previous military experiences. 5. On the other hand, based on the records from the Philippine Air Force Personnel Management Center, from 2007 to 2012, a total of __________ applied for the PAFROPP. Moreover, Sgt Ben Berdimok PAF, NCOIC, Recruitment Branch, PAFPMC argued that during a nationwide PAFROPP recruitment conducted each year,

6. The ROTC program has served the country well since its creation. It has trained thousands of young men and women in the defense of our country. The youths have graduated from its camps with a stronger sense of patriotism. The program has produced fine officers who have fought numerous wars against foreign invaders, communist guerrillas, Moro secessionist and savage terrorists. There was a time when ROTC cadets guarded the vote on election days. ROTC members were the biggest donors to the Red Cross blood drive. 7. “The Constitution of the country requires its citizens to be prepared to defend the nation when the need arises, and ROTC is one of the efforts to actualize this,” said former Armed Forces Public Information Office Chief Ernesto Torres in a Report entitled “Military Wants ROTC Revived” by Jefferson Antiporda of


Based on the foregoing, it is therefore concluded that Basic Reserve Officer Training Course must be a pre-requisite to all trainees of PAFOCS in order to that the students have military orientation or background that will certainly make them more prepared to the series of trainings they will undergo in the school.

9. In addition, the inclusion of Basic Reserve Officer Training Course will surely abet the continuing decrease of the reserve force in the Armed Forces of the Philippines which is vital for the defense and security of the state ion case of war or emergencies.

P2LT MARLON B ROMBLON OT-1359 PAF Seminar “Delta”

AFOS, CJVAB, Pasay City 05 October 2012 Attachments: TAB “A” - List of Figures TAB “B” - List of Tables TAB “C” - Illustration/ Pictures TAB “D” - Legal Basis (Law, Ordinance, Directive) TAB “E” -Questionnaire, References & SOI…...

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