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My Last Duchess

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The first letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams on March 31, 1776:
After Abigail Adams heard about the Declaration of Independence, she wanted to remind her husband about the rights of women. At that time, women couldn’t do anything except domestic thing. Their words had no value. In this letter, Abigail Adams wanted her husband put in a new code of law of women’s right. They should have an equal power as man do. She wanted women should have the right to vote, not servants for men.
The replied letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams on April 14, 1776:
John Adams wanted to say that he could not do anything for Abigail Adams. He could not just write down a code of law randomly. There were many political problems were going on, but, he won’t blot her idea out. Her idea would be remained. He hoped General George Washington and other good politicians would fight for it.
The second letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams on May, 1776:
In this letter, Abigail Adams once again gave prominence to women. They had arbitrary power just like men. They could subdue their master and even throw men’s natural and legal authority at their feet without violence.

The importance of this document considering the historical setting is it shows the long process of women try to get their rights in speak and the right to vote as man do. The things that men could do, they could do. They should have the same power as men do. Women in the past had fought for their rights.…...

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