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Nas Snooping the Damage Is Done

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N.S.A snooping the damage is done The article that I read is about the N.S.A snooping. The N.S.A is an organization that was created to protect the United States of America. the N.S.A (National security agency) has abused the power that was granted to them by the the us government. In may of 2013, Edward Snowden reviled to the world, what the N.S.A was doing. He informed the world that the N.S.A was collecting everyones information. President Obama had to apologize to several world leaders, because the N.S.A was tracking their phone calls. In a period of 30 days the N.S.A collected 70 million phone calls and messages. The N.S.A should not have the power to snoop on anyone they want. If they keep doing it, the U.S allies will not be happy. We live in a world that is run by the use of the internet. The internet allows people to share information with one another. People pay their bill using the internet. If they N.S.A continues to violate people’s privacy online, it could make some people scared to use online services. Many internet companies could be affected by this. The N.S.A is a agency that has helped the U.S government in the past. Technological advances has given them the ability to collect large amounts of informations. The united States government has granted them the freedom to use those technological advances. The problem is that the N.S.A is not using their power responsibly. They are creating problems with the U.S allies. They are hurting the online businesses. It is time to stop the N.S.A’s unethical…...

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