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New Labour Policy

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New Labour Educational Policies
Do they produce more diversity and choice OR reproduce inequality?

|Educational Policy & Description |
|Specialist Schools: state secondary schools that aim to be ‘local centres of excellence’ in their chosen specialism in particular curriculum areas e.g. technology, science, sports languages etc. They aim to excel in |
|their specialism, increasing choice and helping to raise standards across the board. Results in specialist schools have outstripped those in non – specialist e.g. in 2006, 59.5% of their pupils gained 5 grade A* - C |
|compared to 47.6% in non- specialist schools. |
|Specialist schools have replaced ‘Beacon Schools’ which was a government award to outstanding schools in England and Wales from 1998 to August 2005. The Beacon Schools programme identified schools that were examples of|
|good practice and funded those schools to enable them to build partnerships with and share effective practice with other schools. For instance, an excellently performing school might have been 'twinned' with another |
|school defined as failing, or in special measures, in order to improve that school's performance. |
|Educational Action Zones: a cluster of primary and secondary schools in particular inner city areas identified as requiring additional funding & resources from the DfES and in return they are required to raise money |
|from the private…...

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