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New Media and Youth: a Challenge or an Opportunity?

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Chapter 1
This study is divided into several chapters. The beginning chapter presents a detailed background of the study conducted among a group of secondary schools pupils in The Netherlands. The study focuses on new Media and whether its’ usage has any effect on academic performance. This is explored from the context of HAVO Dutch youths in Rotterdam aged 14-16 years in two schools;
Calvijn and Comenius colleges particularly from their peer solidarity and socialization processes.
HAVO is one of the four streams of secondary education in Holland referred to as Senior general secondary education (HAVO). The stream takes five years and qualifies students to enter higher vocational education (HBO). Some students can also choose to enter pre-university secondary education VWO or MBO education (Dutch Education Journal, 2007). The analysis is based on both qualitative and quantitative findings from Focus Group Discussions (FDGs), structured and semistructured interviews, drawings, observations and questionnaires. This study considers both the advantages and disadvantages of youth engagement in new media. The study also attempt to contribute to the wider development discourses in the field of children and youth. The conclusion for this book highlights how new media has played a role in the youth cultures in structuring their peer relationships. Throughout the study, pseudo names are used for ethical reasons.

Before delving deeper to this study, it’s important to have some background understanding on what led me to conduct this particular study and the context to which the study was conducted. The full importance of the context background will be appreciated in the later chapters when disaggregating the study findings that informed the writing of this book. My initial topic of study was on the applicability of…...

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