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"NO , Youth are here."
Isparta (Turkey)

Youth exchanges
8 - 14 September, 2014


Project Type: Youth Exchange;activities focusing on the to restore Isparta carpet and youth unemployment problems.
Theme: Forgetten culture
Participants: 6 young persons Age: 18-24
Objectives: In our project which will be held for 7 days with 36 young people form different countries, religions, languages, races and cultures come together with young people and will do cultural activities that aim to improve mutual tolerance and dialogue. In our country, as well as different instances of Isparta carpet, which is a traditional handcraft with the development of technology are faced with extinction. We all despite adverse conditions, though less than continuing to contribute to the development of Isparta provide carpet again, the youth employment in this way contribute to the local aim. Meetings, carpet making, cultural night, we anticipate activities include cultural excursions. Participants from different cultures with examples from their own cultures meet in a common denominator solutions will look different on this issue. Each participant will take an active role in the activities of respect, tolerance and a shared sense of European citizenship and discrimination, ethnocentrism will prevent such negative features.
Duration: 7 nights (including arriving and departure days)


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