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Novel Project #2

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Novel Project #2

Title: The title is “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and I think the book was titled this in order to give honor to one of the main characters, Uncle Tom. Throughout his life as a slave, Uncle Tom’s faith, passionate heart and loyalty never wavered even during the worst of times.

Time Period: The novel takes place during the mid-19th century. This becomes evident in the text with the use of slavery and prejudice manners between blacks and whites. While many white families were living on farms and in great homes, most African Americans were forced to work for them and be sold between different “masters” creating misery and desperation of freedom in them.

Author’s Purpose: In the novel there is very much inferences and descriptions of spiritual matter. The author, Harriet Beecher Stowe, gives a strong moral about Christianity and not losing hope and trust in God. Though Uncle Tom struggled in the end of the book while being tortured by Legree, he constantly tried to picture God and Eva (the young girl who helped him carry out his faith) and never lost sight of who he was and what he believed in. Therefore, I think that Stowe’s purpose was to share about faith and give an underlying message to always look to the Lord in times of trouble.

Protagonist: While Uncle Tom seems to be the biggest influence as a protagonist in the novel with his unwavering faith and constant love for others, I do think that there are a couple of other protagonists as well. I think that young Eva was also a protagonist because she helped Uncle Tom to have hope in times of trouble and reminded him to always stay strong in his faith. I also think that her father, St. Clare, could be viewed as a protagonist as well, because he helped to giver liberation to Uncle Tom and Topsy, allowing them education and the hope…...

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