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Group Assignment No. 1

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Group No: 1. MANISH RATNA (151425) 2. MANMOHAN (151426) 3. NAMAN AGARWAL (151427) 4. NAVEEN AGGARWAL (151428) 5. SANCHITA ROONGTA (151441) 6. SHREYA AMBEGAONKAR (151446)
Batch: MBA-FT (2015-17)

Institute of Management, Nirma University
Date of Submission: 14th Aug 2015


To Whom It May Concern:

We Manish, Manmohan, Naman, Navenn, Sanchita and Shreya hereby declare that his assignment is our original work and is not copied from anyone/ anywhere. If found similar to other sources, we shall take complete responsibility of the action, taken thereof by, OB Team.

Group No.:
Section: D
Batch: MBA FT (2015-17)
Date: 14th Aug 2015



Roll No.:


In this assignment we had to check the various traits that are shown by various managers in different organizations. We contacted different managers and tried to find from them according to different surveys as to how they feel and experience in an organisation. We have used various surveys to interpret their behaviour and have provided an analysis of our own.
The various traits surveyed are attitude, job satisfaction, conflict management, communication, basic need satisfaction, power & politics,


Name of the Manager: Sachin Garg

Organisation: Loylty Rewardz Mngt Pvt Ltd

Position: Associate Vice President

Working since: July 2014

Total experience:12 years

Qualification: B. E. + M. B. A.

This is a survey to check the job satisfaction that you have at your workplace. Every trait has specific numbers which will be then added to see the level of your job satisfaction.

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