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At the age of thirteen, I became interested in styling my own hair in various ways. I styled my hair on a daily basis to achieve a different look. Once I realized how creative I was, I began to have clients from school or by word of mouth. My obsession for styling hair was enormous, so I decided that I wanted to become a cosmetologist. Styling hair allows me to make a person feel and look awesome as ever. It would bother me to see clients leave a salon with their hair still looking a mess. I took the initiative to be the best and nothing less at styling hair. My mom took me to hair shows to give me ideas on creating hairstyles for clients. One Christmas, my parents bought me a huge box of beauty supplies because of my obsession with styling hair. I would go and sit inside hair salons to get tips on how to magnify hairstyles. Being able to style hair in many ways and coloring the hair is part of the reason why cannot stop thinking about it. Styling hair gives me the ability to feel free and not limited to any hairstyle. If I was challenged to modify a trending hairstyle, I would gladly accept and give it my all. I felt that if a person achieved a different look on a regular basis they would motivate others to maybe try something new. It amazed me how the stylist would color and style a client hair. It was a must that I learn how to color a client hair also. I was so excited when I would color and style a client hair in a short bob. The color would be rust and faded into a burnt orange that shined so bright once the sunlight hits it. Seeing my clients with a huge smile is what drove me to be very passionate about styling hair. Being obsessed with styling hair is the best obsession I could ever have. Creating different hairstyles for clients give me the opportunity to reveal a reflection of beauty within. I will be returning to school so I can obtain my cosmetology license. I am so excited to where my obsession may lead me.…...

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