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Organizational Issues February 26, 2014 ETH/316

Ethic Game Dilemmas
The Veiled ID The ethical issues presented in the simulation The Veiled ID is how to balance the need to maintain appropriate security for all employees, while acknowledging the religious expression of a particular employee. The decision-making steps that I took to address these issues were based on the positions that are held in the simulation game. To prevent possible discrimination lawsuits against the company and also to safeguard the interest of the shareholders these decisions were made. Starting with the investors to the employees of the company will be affected by this ethical decision that arise from this dilemma. The community in itself as a whole will also be affected by this decision. The ethical perspectives that I use to make my decisions in the simulation is morally doing what is right first for the main shareholders and then the community. While coming to this decision one must keep in mind that they are not the only one being affected by the matter at hand. If policies of the company have been violated then it is the company’s duty to make a comprehensive decision that will be in the best outcome for the company and its shareholders. And besides from following company policies and procedures and just do what is right it is again about protecting the best interest of the shareholders and the best interest of the company. There is also a substantially amount of people that will be either directly or indirectly affected by the decision. Concepts from this simulation relate to my workplace in the same manner, I drive a school bus and policies state that we are not allowed to wear a covering over our face.

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