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P2: Describe Indicators That Abuse May Be Happening to Adults

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P2: Describe indicators that abuse may be happening to adults.
Abuse may be revealed in a number of different ways. For example you may find that someone wants to tell you about it because they trust you. Also it might be from someone who has observed the abuse taking place, e.g. resident seeing a care worker shaking another resident because they were too slow getting dressed. The abuse is disclosed to the professional, sometimes with a request for confidentiality.
Unexplained injuries
A medical opinion is required to label if an injury is non-accidental or accidental. For example, an injury may result from a fall but it may not be clear whether the fall was the result of a push or an accidental trip. However, there are some clear indicators such as fingermark bruises on the upper arm that show that the person has been grabbed and may have been shaken. Bruising around the mouth may be the result of force feeding. Burns from cigarettes and scalding, as result of being placed in a bath with water that is too hot, are more obvious. Unexplained cuts or scar tissue is unexpected places, of forming patterns, may indicate either abuse by others or self-harm as a reaction against being abused. Malnourishment in an individual who has been in a 24 hour care environment, like a care home or hospital, shows itself in terms of unexplained weight loss and dehydration and is a clear indicator of neglect. This may be the result of poor care and attention.
Poor hygiene
Poor personal hygiene in someone who is unable to look after themselves and requires assistance in day-to-day tasks (e.g. bathing, changing and washing clothes) can fall into the same category. However this may also indicate someone who is suffering from depression.
Changes in behaviour
An important thing care workers must be aware of is any changes in behaviour that appear to be out of character for the…...

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