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P3 Explain the Influences of Two Predictable and Two Unpredictable Major Life Events on the Development of an Individual

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P3 | Explain the influences of two predictable and two unpredictable majorlife events on the development of an individual |

A predictable event is something which has a high likelihood of occurring and is expected. And an unpredictable event is something which is not expected. Unpredictable events tend to have more of an impact on an individual’s life, because they would not be expecting it and would not be prepared for it, for example the sudden death of a family member.

Marriage is a predictable life event, majority of people get married in their life time or at least plan to. The point of marriage is that it brings two people together, who plan to be together for the rest of their lives. It brings about many changes to a person’s life, including emotional and social development. Angelina Jolie has been married three times. She is now currently married to Brad Pitt who she loves very much and so this would affect her emotionally as she now has a life partner, someone to care for her and to share her problems with this. The effect of this is that it will allow her to be more content and happy in life as she has someone who loves her so much. Also she has new family and friends to get to know and begin new relationships with such as friends and family of Brad Pitts, so this would affect her social development, allowing her to be more confident. Angelina’s intellectual development would be affected as she would begin to think more about their future together and whatever big decisions she will make she would think of her husband and how it would also impact him. Finally, Angelina’s physical development would be affected because as in marriage intimacy occurs and so she would become more sexually active.

Another predictable life event for Angelina Jolie would be having children. This is a normal thing for couples to aspire to have once they get married. Parenthood changes people in a lot of ways and brings about a lot of changes in an individual’s life. It changes the roles of an individual as they are now not only responsible for themselves but also for their children, so they have a lot responsibility. Angelina Jolie adopted her first child in 2002. This affected her emotionally as when she first had her child she may have been stressed and overwhelmed but with the help of her partner she was able to get through it. There are also many positive influences such as becoming more nurturing and loving. She would also begin to become emotionally attached to her children and if they were caused any harm or pain then this would also affect Angelina likewise, if they achieved something then Angelina would also share that happiness with them and would be proud. Physical development would be affected because she would be kept a lot more active by the kids such as playing with them, making them food, taking them on trips, etc. So, this would help to keep Angelina more fit. In addition to this, Angelina’s intellectual development would also be affected as she would learn how to take care of children, learn many new parenting skills and would also begin to think more about providing her kids with a good future. She may not always have a lot time to go out and socialise with friends and family, but at the same time she could get to know new parents when she goes out with the kids so this would affect her social development.

An unpredictable life event is divorce. Divorce is a mutual agreement between husband and wife to separate. This can lead to many changes for both partners. Angelina Jolie divorced Johnny Lee Miller in 1999 after 3 years of marriage. This would have affected her emotionally as she would have missed him and not being together as they normally were would be initially very difficult and would make her feel lonely. It also would have had an effect on her physical development as this change may have made her upset and usually when people are upset they tend to lose their appetite so, she may have not been eating properly, this would affect her health; making her lose weight. Her intellectual development would also be affected as she may have difficulty thinking properly and may begin to lack self esteem. Feeling, lonely and depressed, she may not want go out and participate in social activities and so this could have affected her social development. However, Angelina loved Miller very much and still does, but says they were both just too young for marriage. So, the divorce would have been a good thing for Angelina and would give her the fresh start that she needed and so this could have made her very glad.

Another unpredictable life event is bereavement. Even though death is guaranteed in life, it is still an unexpected event as we never know when a person will die. Angelina grieved for her grandmother, aunt and mother, who all passed of breast cancer, and so for that reason Angelina decided to have a double mastectomy as she didn’t want her kids to go through the pain that they went through. This was a big change for Angelina physically as it was a big operation. Grieving for a loved one can be very difficult as it brings about so many changes and different people grieve in different ways. When Angelina lost her mother it had a huge impact on her emotionally as she loved her mother very much and they had a very close relationship. The death of her mother made her very distraught and upset, and made her feel quite lonely. Angelina was affected socially because it made her not want to partake in social activities as she was feeling really down. This also affected Angelina intellectually because for a while she was unable to think straight and kept to herself. However, Angelina did get used to the death of her mother and things started to get back to normal, but she does still to this day miss her mother very much.…...

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