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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am responding to your vacancy for Guest Service Associate which was advertised on on 20 February 15th 2014. I considered that my credentials and interests match with your requirements on the vacancy. I wish to apply for the position. Because I am ready to take on more responsibilities and I am very eager to learn new tasks. I would like to work for Marriott hotel because it is local to my area of residence. The Marriott Hotel is also in the Forbes 100 good companies to work for which is also very promising. I also would like the chance to work in the Marriott as the Marriott is a multinational business which means I will be encourages developing on my existing but basic levels of French and German speaking. Finally I would like to work for the Marriott as they serve the general public and this is something I really enjoy. I am enclosing a copy of my curriculum vitae, which gives details of my qualifications, skills and my experiences. As you can see I achieved an NVQ level 2 in hospitality, which I believe gives me a good advantage in this job area. Alongside my studies I have also been employed in Mc Donald’s. This has taught me planning and helped me to exercise punctuality. I also have 2 months work experience as a shop assistant. This position has developed my communication skills and teamwork abilities; it has also touched upon sales. With both these jobs held I gained what I believe excellent teamwork skills as well as the ability to work very well independently. Also I am very capable of speaking clearly and authoritively all of which help me to communicate effectively to others, this I believe make me a suitable candidate for this job role. I am also familiar with Windows-based systems and proficient with Office 2010 and MS Word, I am also a computer literate which believe will help me adapt to any hotel computer systems. I have experience in a fast-moving, high-tech environment and have understanding of the service industry. I hope you will take my interests in to consideration. If you require further details, I am available to provide them in an interview.
Thank you for your time. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Yayra Frantzen…...

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