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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla justo. Phasellus quis justo in est hendrerit blandit. Quisque ante lorem, sagittis sagittis, vestibulum vitae, nonummy eget, turpis. Vestibulum eros urna, malesuada sit amet, vehicula dapibus.

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Phasellus convallis, nisl in vestibulum facilisis, lacus pede bibendum urna, dapibus pellentesque eros magna sed nibh. Etiam tortor arcu, porta nec, laoreet quis, mollis in, libero. Aenean dapibus est a metus. In sit amet elit. Pellentesque luctus lacus scelerisque arcu. Cras mattis diam. Sed molestie, lectus id bibendum luctus, magna orci luctus quam, et auctor urna diam sit amet ligula. Proin lacinia enim in eros.
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Etiam mollis metus vitae tellus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Donec quis nunc. Sed eros eros, ultricies nec, rutrum ut, pharetra a, purus. Vivamus tincidunt aliquam nibh. Etiam faucibus imperdiet est. Phasellus eget massa eu pede lobortis pulvinar. Nunc tempus orci id nulla. Phasellus id justo.

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Curabitur Aliquet Posuere Lectus?
Nam condimentum augue eget erat. Aenean dignissim augue vitae magna. Fusce dictum. Quisque gravida, arcu vitae luctus feugiat, urna massa sollicitudin ligula, ac vehicula nisl urna et lorem. Sed rhoncus. Duis metus elit, iaculis et, tristique vitae, commodo vitae, mi. Fusce sem. Praesent consequat, erat ut scelerisque lobortis, est purus varius sapien, ut rutrum diam dui id enim. Quisque vel ligula a odio ullamcorper fringilla.
Phasellus convallis, nisl in vestibulum facilisis, lacus pede bibendum urna, dapibus pellentesque eros magna sed nibh. Etiam tortor arcu, porta nec, laoreet quis, mollis in, libero. Aenean dapibus est a metus. In sit amet elit. Pellentesque luctus lacus scelerisque arcu. Cras mattis diam. Sed molestie, lectus id bibendum luctus, magna orci luctus quam, et auctor urna diam sit amet ligula.
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Fusce neque mi, consectetuer gravida, convallis ac, varius a, pede. Fusce pellentesque pretium quam. Ut luctus, justo id volutpat iaculis, est diam pulvinar sem, quis bibendum turpis dui eget mauris. Sed in mauris. Ut massa. Pellentesque condimentum felis nec sapien. Integer posuere elit at turpis dapibus.
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Etiam cursus suscipit enim. Nulla facilisi. Integer eleifend diam eu diam. Donec dapibus enim sollicitudin nulla. Nam hendrerit. Nunc id nisi. Curabitur sed neque. Pellentesque placerat consequat pede. Vivamus at lacus elit.

Sed purus dui, suscipit et, malesuada non, consectetuer in, augue. Proin et sapien. Maecenas aliquam, nibh id aliquet tincidunt, ante neque pulvinar mauris, sit amet fermentum nibh augue mollis risus. Mauris porttitor varius mauris. Vivamus in urna et sem accumsan imperdiet. Donec tincidunt velit et tellus. Donec sed augue eget lacus placerat adipiscing. Ut convallis suscipit nulla. Morbi posuere ullamcorper ligula.

Nulla Facilisi Etiam tortor arcu, porta nec, laoreet quis, mollis in, libero. Aenean dapibus est a metus.
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Nam ut est. In vehicula venenatis dui. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Praesent venenatis gravida justo. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Suspendisse dui. Praesent venenatis gravida justo. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.
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Donec sollicitudin mi et magna. Proin non est. Vestibulum diam. Quisque in enim. Sed id dui. Nunc nec sapien. Nulla lacus.
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Phasellus odio tortor, mattis ut, mattis elementum, luctus at, orci. Etiam cursus suscipit enim. Nulla facilisi. Integer eleifend diam eu diam.
Mauris porttitor varius mauris. Vivamus in urna et sem accumsan imperdiet.
Praesent venenatis gravida justo. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.…...

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...stands out: the giant panda. The pandas live a peaceful and harmless life high in the remote mountainous regions of central China. The bamboo forests grow high, and are cool and wet—just the way the pandas prefer them to be. Pandas will climb upwards to 13,000 feet (3,962 meters) to feed on the bamboo that grows in their habitat; during the summer seasons, they will venture even higher. Pandas mainly feed on bamboo, but will eat birds or rodents as well. It is in this peaceful bamboo jungle habitat that the giant panda gives birth to and nurtures its young. The Giant Panda is one of the rarest and most exotic animals this world has given birth to. Pandas are mammals; they’re omnivores. The average lifespan in the wild for a healthy Panda is twenty years. The sizes they grow to are four to five feet (one to one and a half meters) tall and weigh upwards to 300 pounds (136 kilograms). In the past few decades the Chinese Giant Pandas have been added to the endangered species list because of their decreasing numbers. The Pandas made the list due to false pregnancies, poachers, poor nurturing, and lack of bamboo growth. First, pandas are slowly decreasing in numbers because of lack of reproduction. Pandas in the wild and zoos (artificial habitats) are losing interest in one another because of loss of habitat, food, and freedom. Over the decades there has been human contact with the pandas’ habitat, which is disturbing the mating rituals of the pandas. The lack of......

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...全球化传播中电影的新文化塑造 ——以《功夫熊猫》中的融合文化为例 【摘要】 随着《功夫熊猫》的上映,国内学者对于电影所带来的文化现象展开了激烈的讨论。本文通过分析美国电影的文化表达,电影的消费观念和全球化背景下的媒介文化传播与特征,探讨在电影中两种具有明显差异性的文化走向平衡与配合,使得电影所营造出的一种浅层化,拼接的亦东亦西的“新”融合性文化,并探讨全球化媒介文化是否存在对于民族传统文化的威胁。 【关键词】 功夫熊猫 媒介文化 全球化 浅层化 文化拼接 《功夫熊猫》一登陆中国就曾遭到艺术家赵半狄的抵制,如今《熊猫2》的抵制队伍中还出现了北大教授孔庆东、北京电影学院动画学院院长孙立军的身影,理由是好莱坞电影用中国的符号在中国掘金并进行文化侵略。然而,《功夫熊猫2》依然继续前一部的票房佳绩。虽然这部动画片突出好莱坞电影一贯主张的美国个人主义价值观,但作为一个媒介文化产品,其在中国的传播影响力和传播效果都是值得称赞和肯定的。 由《功夫熊猫》被抵制现象和最终票房的成功,不禁让人联想到电影所带来的媒介文化全球化。我认为,大众媒介和消费经济介入文化传播之中,使电影所营造的文化不单纯只是中国文化,或者单纯的美国文化。在全球化的趋势下,在商品经济的背景下,具有明显差异性的两种文化在电影中走向平衡与配合,使得电影所营造出的媒介文化在浅层化和混杂化的过程中,形成了一种既非东方、又非西方的、“超国界的、调和着不同国家之间”的“第三种文化”[1]。 一、从美国电影中的文化表达说起 纵观美国好莱坞电影,其中的几个经典的角色比如超人、蜘蛛侠、西部牛仔,无一例外地出现在一个公式化的高效生产模式之中:他们的出生或许高贵或许卑微,但都在自己的努力下成为了拯救大局的英雄。这些围绕人物而展开的电影,主角总是占据不可替代的地位,而旁人多扮演着辅佐或提点的角色,“个人”的地位故事中被夸张性地放大,最后的胜利也归功于主人公的选择和努力。这次,连中国的熊猫也难免落入了这种好莱坞电影的套路之中。 这种“好莱坞”电影套路可以从文化根源和传播介质两方面分析。首先,在文化方面,美国作为一个典型的基督教国家,“新教精神”渗透到美国人生活的方方面面,成为人们日常的道德规范。它认为上帝创造每一个个体都有其意义,每一个生命无论是高贵还是卑微,都极为宝贵。这就是为什么在很多好莱坞灾难片里,拯救地球往往都是意想不到的小人物[2]。另外,由新教精神与资本主义经济体制所融合产生的“个人主义”也是美国文化价值的核心。它强调人是具有独立精神的个体,应该在政权和宗教之外保持一种人格上的独立与自尊,在文化上强调个人独立性、创造性,强调个人自由发展。可以看出,这种电影套路正是美国精神的一种表现,它源于美国的文化并反映美国的价值观。 在传播介质方面,电影作为大众传播媒介之一,是文化的产物也是文化的载体,在美国好莱坞它更是一种商业产品。作为世界经济大国和传媒大国,美国自然不会忽略“电影”这样一个重要的媒介方式,好莱坞的电影作为一种文化商品被销售到本国及其全球市场,电影的商品属性使它的内容意义便于复制和接受理解。在消费电影的同时,观众能够通过电影作品的人物形象和故事情节直接感触到的是一种感性的、直观的力量,理解出的是关于人性的、道德的、伦理的文化内容,甚至是一种普遍认同的文化核心价值观,进而通过电影在目标市场上确立一种大众共同信守的文化秩序。 正因如此,相比于其他国家的电影作品,好莱坞电影在文化价值观表现和商业性这两个方面做得尤为突出。...

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...Guanlin Situ EWS 301.02 Prof Banh 5-14-2013 The Westernized Panda As the melting pot, “the United States has the largest ethnic Chinese population outside Asia” (Zhou 43). When people choose to step in the melting pot, their original identities will be blurred in some ways, languages, daily habits, religions, and the most important element, which is food. Panda Express, a fast casual restaurant serving American Chinese cuisine, is one of the most popular places that serving orange chicken. The company was founded in 1983 by Andrew Cherng, Peggy Cherng and Ming Tsai Cherng. It is also the largest chain of Asian fast food restaurants in the United States. As of year 2011, the company has approximately 1500 restaurants covering 42 states and Puerto Rico. To a sector that was used to be dominated by American fast food, burgers and fried chicken, the invention of Panda Express found a good market niche. The success of the company relies heavily on its unique concept, quick-service Chinese restaurant, and its locations, shopping mall food courts, supermarkets, key intersections, college campus, airports and casinos (Panda Management Company, Inc. History). Dishes featured in Panda Express are originated from different regions of China. Usually, adjustments have to be made in order to allow the dishes to be more acceptable by Americans. For example, cuisines from Hunan and Sichuan are usually “spicy and oily, often featuring a sophisticated blend of intense flavors”......

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...(Panda) 1. What background information do you need to know? Pandas are endangered, many other animals are also endangered 2. What are the key details that stand out? What are the supporting details? Big tuna wearing a panda mask and other unmasked tuna. 3. What issue does this seem to reference? We as a race try to save the “cute” well publicized animals. The less pretty or tastier animals are ignored. 4. What side of the debate is this visual taking? What perspective does the visual take? If tuna were cute or more publicized people would care and do more to save them. 5. How do we know what side the visual is taking? What specific claims are made? “Would you care if I was a panda?” 6. What does this visual want from its viewers? What message does it convey? To make people think about the fact that if an animal is considered “cute” or beautiful everything possible is done to prevent its extinction, and that people need to think about other animals as well. The picture portrays a school of blue-fin tuna in the ocean, but focuses directly on one wearing a panda mask. The text underneath it states, “Would you care more if I was a panda?” We all know that the panda is an endangered species and is near extinction. This visually argues that the blue-fin tuna is also becoming endangered, but with much less worry over the likelihood of extinction of this species. People care more about the panda than this fish. The reason the blue-fin tuna......

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...World Wildlife Fund Essay Outline I. Introduction [Intro] a. San Diego Zoo panda cancer story b. Gao Gao c. developed a plan for reducing human activities in habitat areas, conserving the bamboo forests, and maintaining captive populations of pandas d. In order to remain balance in our world between human and animal, the World Wildlife Fund is dedicated to protecting the world's wildlife and wild lands II. Well over 200,000 plants and animals in the United States are listed as threatened or endangered [Scale: 1-200,000] a. At least 10,000 out of 1,000,000 species go extinct each year b. 5689 endangered species in US, 1343 endangered species globally c. 1/10 species go extinct each year III. WWF raise’s millions towards protecting species, habitats, and communities [Fundraising] a. Panda Nation is the significant method of fundraising b. Earth Day Clean Up a. 1. Ongoing for the past 11 years and continues this year b. 2. On April 22 staff members from WWF and science students at the Francis-Stevens Education Campus help clean the school grounds and plant new gardens c. Revenue last year reach about $266.3 million c. Funding provides giant pandas with an increase in legally patrolled habitat area, patrolling against poaching, illegal logging, and encroachment, and continued research/monitoring d. Like giant pandas, tigers receive benefits from this funding, by directing these funds towards......

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...logo---Hi Panda. 2. Background Hi Panda is a new brand that focuses on international fashion trends in China. This brand uses elements from the street culture of Chinese youth and construct the spirit of people who are selfish, pretend to be cool, refuse to grow up. Hi Panda first opened its doors in Shanghai in 2005. Since then the brand has opened a further 100 stores in China and has more recently opened 4 more outlets in Paris. Hi Panda UK Ltd launched its first UK store in London, in January 2012. Hi Panda creates urban Chinese street wear using elements from the street culture of hip-hop. JiJi, who makes bold, graphic designs. JiJi's work reflects the dreams and aspirations of China's youth. He created Happy Panda, Evil Panda and Wounded Panda who feature on all the clothing and accessories. Hi PANDA is a successful as a fashion trendsetter. The people who like the Hi Panda fashion range between 18 to 25 years old. They include students and freshmen who have just started their first job. They devoted themselves to trend elements and fashion life, they are the spokesmen for urban youth.  Fig. 1. Hi Panda Happy Panda (Right), Evil Panda (Middle) and Wounded Panda (Left) Fig. 2. Hi Panda---in Tian an men square 3.Analyze the logo Fig. 3. Hi Panda 3.1 Design 1) Layout This is a portrait about panda. It is place in the middle of the vertical, the name of logo is in the lower right corner. The background is white and there is a panda in......

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...Verne, CA Group Assignment: Panda Express Prepared by 05/21/2014 College of Business and Public Management Department of Business Administration Business overview In 1973, Andrew Cherng opened the first Panda inn in Pasadena, one of America's great ethnic melting pots. In 1983, He realized that Southern California offered an excellent market for fast food. So he launched Panda Express and opening the first Panda Express in a mall in Glendale, California. It proved to be a very successful beginning because the Panda Express was one of the few quick-service restaurants with full-service concept. The early Panda Express was usually located in shopping malls, but eventually they spread into other spots. They first in its home base of Southern California, then eastwardly, to the Western states of Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah and eventually to the East Coast. In 2007, Panda opens its 1000th location in Pasadena and achieves 1 billion in revenue. In 2013, Panda Express achieves with 23,000 employees and over 1600 stores in 51 States and abroad. ("Cherng. A," 2012). Panda’s annual sales is about 9.2 millions. Panda Express Motivation of Expanding Panda Express has already enter into the foreign market-Mexico in 2011. Until now, it has the Canada and Mexico foreign market. Panda Express has the goal that becoming the largest and a leader in the quick-service Asian restaurant and inspire everyone to better their lives. Panda Express wants to seek the......

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...Animals Protection—Red Panda [pic] [pic] Content Page 1) Introduction about red panda 2) Threats that red pandas are facing 3) Open Letter 4) Leaflet 5) T-shirt Design 6) Poster 7) Sources of information 1) Introduction about red panda 1.1 Basic information The red panda is a small arboreal mammal native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China that has been classified as Vulnerable by IUCN as its wild population is estimated at less than 10,000 mature individuals. It is Different from giant panda. 1.2 Features of red pandas: 1. soft reddish-brown fur on the upper parts, blackish fur on the lower parts 2. distinctive white facial markings 1.3 Behavior of red pandas Red pandas go out at dawn an dusk, solitary 1.4 Food Red pandas like to eat Bamboo, fruits and insects. 1.5 Life cycle Red pandas grow slowly. Their ages can be up to 15 years old 1.6 Distribution Red pandas mainly live in temperate forests of the Himalayas, and ranges from the foothills of western Nepal to Chinain the east 1.7 Reproduction Red pandas are able to reproduce at around 18 months of age, and are fully mature at two to three years. [pic] (2) Threats that red pandas are facing 2.1 Situation that red pandas facing Red pandas’ population is decreasing. Number of red pandas is now less than 10000. 2.2 Reasons for number of red pandas to decrease It is because home of red pandas (forest) is......

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...theme and also the main point that each paragraph poses in the space provided. Panda Bears in China 1. The giant panda is a favourite of children and animal lovers throughout the world. For many people, it also is symbol of the sad situation for many other kinds of animals. Though so well known and loved, the panda is slowly dying out. At present, there are only about 1,230 wild pandas left in the world. They all live in China, in the forest of Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces. Pandas used to be common in other areas. However as the human population increased and the forests shrank, territory gradually disappeared. And so did the pandas. Now the Chinese government has created a number of ‘Panda Reserves’ to protect the pandas. Theme: ………………………………………………………………………………… Main Idea: …………………………………………………………………………….. 2. For the whole first year of its life, the panda bear is completely dependent on its mother. The newborn panda is a tiny, helpless little creature. At birth, it looks like a little pink pig, and its eyes remain close for three to four weeks. Pandas develop fairly slowly, compared to most animals. The babies are completely dependent on their mothers for a long time. In fact, they do not even begin to walk until they are about five months old. The only food that they eat for about a year is their mother’s milk. That does not stop them from growing, however. Pandas may weigh over fifty five pounds by the time they are a year old. ......

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The Panda

...The Panda Have you ever wanted to become something or to achieve a goal, but no one ever believed in you or said that’s a bad idea? Well you would find out and learn how the character “Po,” from Kung Fu Panda overcame this challenged he faced. It is also a very interesting film to inspire the young children and adults that are also facing a similar scenario. Po was a big fat panda that was helping his father at a noodle shop. Po’s father always wanted his son to become famous for making the special noodle soup and to run and carry on his business. Po had different goals and plans in mind; he wanted to become the “Dragon Warrior.” He always saw himself as a failure and cannot achieve what he wanted in the beginning, but he started to believe in himself when Master Ogway talked to him. Po was chosen to defeat Tai Lang if he came to destroy the village. He wanted to leave the Jade Palace after he found out that he had to fight Tai Lang. He started to train harder and to try and prove that he can defeat the evil Tai Lang that escaped from jail. When Po was picked by Master Ogway to become the “Dragon Warrior,” many people saw him as a disgrace that he was chosen instead of Crane, Mantis, Tigeres, Monkey, or Snake. He found strength from his father telling him that there is no secret ingredient in the soup which explained the “Dragon Scroll” he had. Tai Lang also looked at the “Dragon Scroll,” but he did not realize why it was blank, but Po figured out the meeting. But he......

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Panda Company

...Case Summary Panda has been the low – cost producer of traditional BLUE and BLACK pens. Profit margins were over 20% of sales. Five years earlier, RED pens had been introduced and were sold at 3% premium. Last year, PURPLE pens were sold at 10% premium. RED and PURPLE pens seem more profitable than BLUE and BLACK but overall profitability is down. Jane Mendez was disappointed with the financial results. Jeffrey Donald, the manufacturing manager, said life was simpler when they just produced BLUE and BLACK pens. Difficulties started arising when they started RED pens. They needed to stop production, empty the vats, clean out all remnants of the previous color and start production of red ink. Direct labor cost is 300%, while a few years back it was only 200%. Activity-Based Costing: * Indirect labor * 50% of the indirect labor costs are caused by Production run * 40% of the indirect labor cost were caused by the physical change from one color to another called setup costs * 10% of the time was used to an activity Parts Administration (Book keeping) * Computer Expenses * 20% allocated to support activities (Parts admin.) * 80% of computer resources were used to produce batches and are closely related to handling of production batches ACA No. 3. Eliminate RED and PURPLE pens in the production and go back to the original product line. (use traditional costing only) PROS: * No drastic changes needed since they......

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Animals for Rent

...and merciless. The panda issue best describes human’s selfishness. The giant panda is one of the national treasures of China and have been used as China’s diplomatic gifts since ancient times. China’s leadership treats pandas as gifts and sends them abroad in order to bring closer relations with other countries. It is said that “Mao ZeDong tried panda diplomacy whereby pandas were dispatched across the globe as a sign of goodwill. The arrival in the US of Hsing Hsing and Ling Ling, and of Chia Chia and Chin Ching in the United Kingdom sealed a desire for a more cordial relationship with Washington and London” (Snow & Taylor, 2008, p. 285). This is a proof of that pandas are being used as Chinese ambassadors in order to achieve important objective in politics. Moreover, the leadership of China also rent out the pandas to the foreign zoos. It is stated that the foreign zoos can loan the pandas for more than $1 million per annum as this is referred as the form of an experimental exchange(Liu & Wehrfritz, 2006). Seems this kind of rental can be a good way to make profit, but totally not fair to the pandas! Pandas do have feelings too, same as human, they need all the love which they can get. How would they feel if they are treated like prisoners imprisoned in the zoo? Sure they would not be happy and this kind of experience might bring about stress. It is barbaric for the leaders to treat pandas like dolls to send to others because this action treats pandas as profit......

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