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Community Profile Presentation
Paula Nichols
Irma Flores-Brothers
February 14, 2014

Mount Pleasant, Michigan is considered one of the state’s most walkable and safest communities. (City of Mount Pleasant, Michigan official site) We have 26,010 full time residents in 2010 according to the census. A man by the name of David Ward purchased land from the United States Government in 1860 and logged of the pines on a site along the Chippewa River. Once this was completed he thought that it would be a great place for a town, surveyed the area into plots and named it the Village of Mount Pleasant. The Village of Mount Pleasant became a city in the year of 1889. Living on the outskirts of Mount Pleasant we have a responsibility to not only Mount Pleasant, but our little city as well (Oil City). In our community we all try to help each other out in many ways, through donations (money, food, clothing, etc.) Being socially responsible is a community effort where everyone in the community must work together to achieve. Here we have an organization called the Commission on Aging, which caters to our elderly residents. There are many programs in which the Commission on Aging asks for help from the community. The Commission on Aging was developed in 1973, and has many programs and services that help our elderly citizens. These programs and services include Food with Friends, Gold Key Volunteer Program, Foster Grandparents & Senior Companion Programs, etc.
These programs need volunteers from the community to be able to help our elderly to the fullest, and provide the companionship and healthy environments that the elderly need to live healthy productive lives.

It is the responsibility of everyone within our community to help out, even if it is not financially your time can still be donated. Giving back to the community helps teach our children to help out…...

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