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Creating a space where there is open communications between employees and management is vital to the company’s organizational effectiveness. It is important for employees to feel as though they are being properly informed about the organization and are given feedback based on their performance. Employees should feel free to express their concerns as well as provide new ideas and feedback to the organization without any repercussion and/or judgment.

As expressed by Oren Harari, business professor at the University of San Francisco, “effective managers tend to communicate openly with employees and are rewarded by a committed and productive staff. ” In his 1995 article “Open the doors, tell the truth” Harari demonstrates how open communication, or lack there of, can heavily impact an organization and its employees’ performance. Harari suggests that exploiting and sharing knowledge of information can only be vital for a company and its employees. A “behind closed door” policy, as referred to by Harari, is often managers’ most self-defeating action within the workplace. Not only does it create paranoia among employees, but also yields misleading or uncertain information and the decisions that are based upon it (Harari, 1995.)

In a 2015 survey conducted by 15Five, provider of the leading web-based team feedback and alignment platform, only 15% of employees are completely satisfied with the quality of communication in the workplace. After surveying 1,00 0 full-time employees in the US, findings indicate that the majority of employees want more honesty and transparency in the office. According to 15Five, “81% of employees would rather join a company that values 'open communication' than one that offers great perks such as top health plans, free food, and gym memberships.” More than half of the individuals who completed the survey agreed that managers only value their opinions and feedback slightly or not at all (15Five, 2015.) Employees’ performance, loyalty, and motivation can be an indication of the organization’s level of communication, decision-making process, and effectiveness. If the organization cannot establish an open relationship between its employees and management, it will face many difficulties along the way.

"15Five Study Shows Employees Want Open Communication with Bosses - But Few Get It." ENP Newswire 12 Mar. 2015. Expanded Academic ASAP. Web. 11 July 2015.

Harari, Oren. "Open the doors, tell the truth." Management Review Jan. 1995: 33+. Academic OneFile. Web. 11 July 2015.

Data Analysis

The respondents’ ratings were tabulated and compared using Z scores to calculate percentiles, and the calculations of simple means statistical applications. The results were as follows:

Based on the data provided, Customer Service (CS) scored the lowest in the open communication dimension with a rating of -0.8; a 1.2954 difference when compared to the industry average. Following closely behind, Filing (FI) and Pre Litigation (PL) also were among the lowest scores in open communication. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Reception (RE) and Marketing (MK) rank among the highest scores while led by Scanning (SC) with a rating of 2.2 surpassing the industry average of 1.3754.

Compared to the industry benchmark, the law firm fell significantly below the average by a 0.885 difference. The OPA assessment indicates that RL Law Firm’s open communication dimension is below the average organization at 33.55% leaving significant room for new opportunities and improvements.

Open communications With Employees (COMM)



Based on the OPA findings, the law firm should consider making improvements within the organization to strengthen its overall effectiveness and standing when compared to industry standards. Results indicate that when compared to the industry average, the law firm falls below the average organization and signifies opportunities for improvement.

As stated by one employee in Customer Service (CS) the company should “show a lot more appreciation for their employees, maybe more events to encourage office unity and appreciation.” As per another employee in Reception (RE) “more respect towards eachother as a team and more communication to understand each others job.“ The law firm needs to show more appreiation for its employees and in return with reaceive greated loyalty, commitment, and perofmrance from its staff.…...

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