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In the essay "Polite but Thirsty," Yaping Tang describes her experience as well as the Chinese students's experience when they first arrive in The United States. The purpose of her writing this essay is to give the ESL teachers who work with Chinese students a comprehensive and more judicious look about the differences between Chinese and American cultures. She explains cultural adjustment process and culture shock in terms of five different customs between the Chinese and American cultures: name - calling, directness, giving and receiving compliments, giving gifts, and tipping. The most effective supporting detail is her description about the directness of Americans. To support her idea she gives many supporting details. For examples, to point out the differences in the ways Chinese and Americans respond when they are offered something, she tells her own story which was happened when she went to visit her advisor two days after she arrived in America. That story shows that people from eastern cultures usually esteem the so - called politeness which is never showed in Americans. "Americans are very direct. When they want something they say "yes" and when they don't they say "no"" (Polite but Thirsty 5). One thing I do not like about the essay is the author's work on the tipping part. I think it't not clear enough and she should have given more supporting details or examples to help the readers understanding that part easier. Everyday there are newcomers from everywhere come to America to study, to work. To sum up, I have realized that Vietnamese, Chinese or the other ethnic group students could feel the same difficulties to adjust in the United States although their own cultures are discrepant. They might have problems with language, the ways of communication, the age-order system or stranger theory of the tipping system. I believe that every international…...

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