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Problem Solver
I chose problem solver because I have realized in my life that is what I love to do. I love to solve problems. I have a hard time practicing or participating in activities that don’t have a sense of purpose. But if there is a problem, I obsess over it until it is resolved.
The problem that I decided to put through the five step process was with the problem I had after graduating with my B.S. degree. I graduated in December of 2011, right in the middle of so many problems with people being able to get jobs. At the time I was working in a field that I would say was about 20% related to my degree. My degree is in Electronics Engineering and I was working in a power plant, however it was a methane gas power plant and the majority of what I did was mechanical maintenance. Not liking where I was and not able to get more than a few interviews, I was stuck. Either I was too qualified, the job didn’t pay enough, or I was under qualified.
Step 1: The main problem was job placement, there were many factors but in the end I was not in a place that I wanted to be in my career.
Step 2: The causes were many, as I mentioned earlier. * Under/over qualified * Weak jobs market * Pay associated with available jobs * Nowhere to go with current job, or lack of desire to do so
I also at this time began to realize that I didn’t like where my experience was taking me. I had now worked in two jobs that were in an industrial setting, (large machinery, noisy, dirty, etc.)
Step 3: I began to think about my options and listed them with their pros and cons. Options | Pros | Cons | Do Nothing | * No additional investment * Job security * Lots of overtime | * Not happy * Lots of overtime * No advancement | More School/Training | * Potential for better career * More experience | * More money * Major time investment * Financial risk | Keep looking | * No money or major time investment * Networking | * Hasn’t been working for almost 2 years * Depressing when nothing happens |

After listing the pro’s and cons of each option I thought I had, I started to evaluate them. What was I willing to do to initiate change? I knew that if I stayed where I was I would be miserable and there wasn’t any indication that was going to get any better, only worse. If I was to go back to school that was going to cost money, and because of my student loans that meant paying out of pocket and having to make major financial adjustments to make that possible. I started looking at what was needed in different markets and what it would cost to get trained.
Step 5: I decided to go to a school that offered training for IT certificates. It was a little costly but I made payment arrangements, the program I chose allowed me to differ my student loans while I was attending and so I could make payments and have the cost paid off before finishing the courses. The good thing was you took your certification tests as you went. So I was able to update my résumé as I went. After my first cert test I started to get emails and calls from recruiters for interviews and started getting used to interviewing a lot. After finishing three certifications I was offered a job on a contract for 3 years with the potential to be hired full time. I finished 2 more certifications while I was a contractor and after a year of the contract I was offered a full time job that I love.…...

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