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Problems in Developing Small Scale Industries in Bangladesh

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Problems in developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh
There are a huge number of problems in the question of developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh, which are discussed below:
Individuality: Maximum small scale enterprises are owned by the individuals and an individual has obviously some limitation.
Lower Per Capita Income: Per capita income of our people is low and for this reason our people are not being able to generate adequate capital to run the business efficiently.
Unskilled Human Resources: Human resources of our country are not skilled this is a problem with developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh. The economic environment of our country is not hundred percent suitable for operating the business another cause of the restrictions.
Excessive import of foreign product: Excessive import of foreign product in our country is another reason cause when the people of the country will be mainly dependent on the imported product then the entrepreneurs will loose their interest to develop small scale enterprises.
Political instability: Political instability of our country is another reason for developing the small scale enterprises rate slow. Political environment of our country is not suitable enough to run the efficient business in our society.
Deterioration of Morality: Public moral is getting down means most of our people are loosing their moral and for this reason developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh is not so easy like the other country of the world.
Security reason: Security reason is a strong reason which is effecting the developing of small scale enterprises in Bangladesh. Government are not being able the proper and adequate security to the citizen of the country this is directly effecting the developing speed of the small scale enterprises in Bangladesh.
Inadequate support from govt. & non-govt. organizations:…...

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