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|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|balano- |Of the glans penis or glans clitoridis |Balanitis |
|bi- |twice, double |Binary[disambiguation needed [pic]] |
|bio- |life |Biology |
|blast(o)- |germ or bud |Blastomere |
|blephar(o)- |Of or pertaining to the eyelid |Blepharoplast |
|brachi(o)- |Of or relating to the arm |Brachium of inferior colliculus |
|brachy- |Indicating 'short' or less commonly 'little' |brachycephalic |
|brady- |'slow' |Bradycardia |
|bronch(i)- |bronchus |Bronchiolitis obliterans |
|bucc(o)- |Of or pertaining to the cheek |Buccolabial |
|burs(o)- |bursa (fluid sac between the bones) |Bursitis |

|Prefix or suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|a-, an- |Denotes an absence of, without |Apathy, Analgia |
|ab- |away from |Abduction |
|abdomin(o)- |Of or relating to the abdomen |Abdomen |
|-ac, -acal |pertaining to |cardiac, hydrophobiac, pharmacomaniacal |
|acanth(o)- |thorn or spine |acanthion, acanthocyte, acanthoma,acanthulus |
|acous(io)- |Of or relating to hearing |acoumeter, acoustician |
|acr(o)- |extremity, topmost |Acrocrany, acromegaly, acroosteolysis,acroposthia |
|-acusis |hearing |paracusis |
|-ad |toward, in the direction of |dorsad |
|ad- |increase, adherence, motion toward, very |Adduction |
|aden(o)-, aden(i)- |Of or relating to a gland |Adenocarcinoma, adenology,adenotome, adenotyphus |
|adip(o)- |Of or relating to fat or fatty tissue |Adipocyte |
|adren(o)- |Of or relating to adrenal glands |adrenal artery |
|-aemia(BrE) |blood condition |Anaemia |
|aer(o)- |air, gas |Aerosinusitis |
|aesthesio-(BrE) |sensation |Anesthesia |
|-al |pertaining to |abdominal |
|alb- |Denoting a white or pale color |Albino |
|alge(si)- |pain |Analgesic |
|-algia |pain |Myalgia |
|alg(i)o- |pain |Myalgia |
|allo- |Denoting something as different, or as an |Alloantigen, allopathy |
| |addition | |
|ambi- |Denoting something as positioned on both |Ambidextrous |
| |sides; Describing both of two | |
|amnio- |Pertaining to the membranous fetal sac |Amniocentesis |
| |(amnion) | |
|amph-,amphi- |on both sides |Amphicrania, amphismela,amphomycin |
|an- |not, without |Analgesia |
|ana- |back, again, up |Anaplasia |
|an(o) |anus | |
|andr(o)- |pertaining to a man |Andrology, android |
|angi(o)- |blood vessel |Angiogram |
|aniso- |Describing something as unequal |Anisotropic, anisocytosis |
|ankyl(o)-,ancyl(o)- |Denoting something as crooked or bent |Ankylosis |
|ante- |Describing something as positioned in |antepartum |
| |front of another thing | |
|anti- |Describing something as 'against' or |Antibody, antipsychotic |
| |'opposed to' another | |
|apo- |separated from, derived from |Apoptosis |
|arch(i,e,o) |first, primitive |archinephron : first formed kidney |
|arsen(o)- |Of or pertaining to a male; masculine | |
|arteri(o)- |Of or pertaining to an artery |Artery, Arteriole |
|arthr(o)- |Of or pertaining to the joints, limbs |Arthritis |
|articul(o)- |joint |Articulation |
|-ary |pertaining to |bilary tract |
|-ase |enzyme |Lactase |
|-asthenia |weakness |Myasthenia gravis |
|atel(o) |imperfect or incomplete development |atelocardia : imperfect development of the heart |
|ather(o)- |fatty deposit, Soft gruel-like deposit | |
|-ation |process |Habitation[disambiguation needed [pic]],Lubrication |
|atri(o)- |an atrium (esp. heart atrium) |atrioventricular |
|aur(i)- |Of or pertaining to the ear |Aural |
|aut(o)- |self |Autoimmune |
|aux(o)- |increase; growth |auxocardia : enlargement of the heart |
|axill- |Of or pertaining to the armpit [uncommon |Axilla |
| |as a prefix] | |
|azo(to) |nitrogenous compound |azothermia : raised temperature due to nitrogenous substances in blood |

|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|capill- |Of or pertaining to hair |Capillus |
|capit- |Pertaining to the head (as a whole) |Capitation |
|carcin(o)- |cancer |Carcinoma |
|cardi(o)- |Of or pertaining to the heart |Cardiology |
|carp(o)- |Of or pertaining to the wrist |Carpopedal |
|cata- |down, under |Cataract |
|-cele |pouching, hernia |Hydrocele |
|-centesis |surgical puncture for aspiration |Amniocentesis |
|cephal(o)- |Of or pertaining to the head (as a |Cephalalgy |
| |whole) | |
|cerat(o)- |Of or pertaining to |Ceratoid |
| |thecornu[disambiguation | |
| |needed [pic]]; a horn | |
|cerebell(o)- |Of or pertaining to the cerebellum |Cerebellum |
|cerebr(o)- |Of or pertaining to the brain |Cerebrology |
|cervic- |Of or pertaining to the neck, |Cervicodorsal |
| |the cervix | |
|chem(o)- |chemistry, drug |Chemotherapy |
|chir(o)-, cheir(o)- |Of or pertaining to the hand |Chiropractor |
|chlor(o)- |Denoting a green color |Chlorophyll |
|chol(e)- |Of or pertaining to bile |Cholaemia |
|cholecyst(o)- |Of or pertaining to the gallbladder |Cholecystectomy |
|chondr(i)o- |cartilage, gristle, granule, |Chondrocalcinosis |
| |granular | |
|chrom(ato)- |color |Hemochromatosis |
|-cidal, -cide |killing, destroying |bacteriocidal |
|cili- |Of or pertaining to the cilia, the |Ciliary |
| |eyelashes; eyelids | |
|circum- |Denoting something as 'around' |Circumcision |
| |another | |
|cis- |on this side | |
|clast |break |osteoclast |
|co- |with, together, in association |coenzymes |
|col-, colo-, colono- |colon |Colonoscopy |
|colp(o)- |Of or pertaining to the vagina |Colposcopy |
|com- |with, together | |
|contra |against |Contraindicate |
|cor- |with, together | |
|cor-, core-, coro- |Of or pertaining to eye's pupil |Corectomy |
|cordi- |Of or pertaining to the |Commotio cordis |
| |heart[Uncommon as a prefix] | |
|cornu- |Applied to processes and parts of the | |
| |body describing them likened or similar| |
| |to horns | |
|coron(o)- |heart | |
|cost(o)- |Of or pertaining to the ribs |Costochondral |
|cox- |Of or relating to the hip, haunch, |Coxopodite |
| |or hip-joint | |
|crani(o)- |Belonging or relating to the cranium|Craniology |
|-crine |to secrete |Endocrine |
|cry(o)- |cold |Cryoablation |
|cutane- |skin |Subcutaneous |
|cyan(o)- |Denotes a blue color |Cyanopsia |
|cycl- |circle, cycle | |
|cyph(o)- |Denotes something as bent[uncommon |Cyphosis |
| |as a prefix] | |
|cyst(o)-, cyst(i)- |Of or pertaining to the urinary |Cystotomy |
| |bladder | |
|cyt(o)- |cell |Cytokine |
|-cyte |cell |Leukocyte |

|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|-eal |pertaining to | |
|ec- |out, away | |
|ect(o)- |outer, outside |Ectopic pregnancy |
|-ectasis, -ectasia |expansion, dilation |Bronchiectasis,Telangiectasia |
|-ectomy |Denotes a surgical operation or removal of a body part. |Mastectomy |
| |Resection, excision | |
|-emesis |vomiting condition |Hematemesis |
|-emia |blood condition (AmE) |Anemia |
|encephal(o)- |Of or pertaining to the brain. Also see Cerebro. |Encephalogram |
|endo- |Denotes something as 'inside' or 'within' |Endocrinology,Endospore |
|eosin(o)- |Red |Eosinophil granulocyte |
|enter(o)- |Of or pertaining to the intestine |Gastroenterology |
|epi- |[Same as Greek meaning: on, upon] |Epistaxis, epicardium,episclera, epidural |
|episi(o)- |Of or pertaining to the pubic region, the loins |Episiotomy |
|erythr(o)- |Denotes a red color |Erythrocyte |
|-esophageal, -esophago |gullet (AmE) | |
|esthesio- |sensation (AmE) | |
|eu- |true, good, well, new |Eukaryote |
|ex- |out of, away from |Exophthalmos |
|exo- |Denotes something as 'outside' another |Exoskeleton |
|extra- |outside |Extradural hematoma |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|faci(o)- |Of or pertaining to the face |Facioplegic |
|fibr(o) |fiber |Fibroblast |
|filli- |fine, hair like | |
|-form, -iform |Used to form adjectives indicating 'having the form of' |Cuneiform |
|fossa |A hollow or depressed area; trench or channel |fossa ovalis[disambiguation needed [pic]] |
|front- |Of or pertaining to the forehead |Frontonasal |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|galact(o)- |milk |Galactorrhea |
|gastr(o)- |Of or pertaining to the stomach |Gastric bypass |
|-gen |(1) Denotes the sense 'born in, from' (2) Denotes the |(1) Endogen; (2)Heterogenous |
| |sense 'of a certain kind' | |
|-genic |Formative, pertaining to producing |Cardiogenic shock |
|genu- |Of or pertaining to the knee |Genu valgum |
|gingiv- |Of or pertaining to the gums |Gingivitis |
|glauc(o)- |Denoting a grey or bluish-grey colour |Glaucoma |
|gloss(o)-, glott(o)- |Of or pertaining to the tongue |Glossology |
|gluco- |glucose |Glucocorticoid |
|glyco- |sugar |Glycolysis |
|gnath(o)- |Of or pertaining to the jaw |Gnathodynamometer |
|-gnosis |knowledge |diagnosis, prognosis |
|gon(o)- |seed, semen; also, reproductive |Gonorrhea |
|-gram, -gramme |record or picture |Angiogram |
|-graph |instrument used to record data or picture |Electrocardiograph |
|-graphy |process of recording |Angiography |
|gyn(aec)o- (BrE), gyn(ec)o- |woman |Gynecomastia |
|(AmE) | | |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|halluc- |to wander in mind |Hallucinosis |
|hemat-, haemato- (haem-, |Of or pertaining to blood |Hematology, older formHaematology |
|hem-) | | |
|hema or hemo- |blood (AmE) |Hematological malignancy |
|hemangi or hemangio- |blood vessels | |
|hemi- |one-half |Cerebral hemisphere |
|hepat- (hepatic-) |Of or pertaining to the liver |Hepatology |
|heter(o)- |Denotes something as 'the other' (of two), as an addition,|Heterogeneous |
| |or different | |
|hidr(o)- |sweat |Hyperhidrosis |
|hist(o)-, histio- |tissue |Histology |
|home(o)- |similar |Homeopathy |
|hom(o)- |Denotes something as 'the same' as another or common |Homosexuality |
|humer(o)- |Of or pertaining to the shoulder (or [rarely] the upper |Humerus |
| |arm) | |
|hydr(o)- |water |Hydrophobe |
|hyper- |Denotes something as 'extreme' or 'beyond normal' |Hypertension |
|hyp(o)- |Denotes something as 'below normal' |Hypovolemia, |
|hyster(o)- |Of or pertaining to the womb, the uterus |Hysterectomy |

|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|-i-asis |condition |Mydriasis |
|iatr(o)- |Of or pertaining to medicine, or a physician [uncommon as a prefix; common as as suffix, |Iatrochemistry |
| |see -iatry] | |
|-iatry |Denotes a field in medicine of a certain body component |Podiatry, Psychiatry |
|-ic |pertaining to |Hepatic artery[disambiguation |
| | |needed [pic]] |
|-icle |small |Ovarian follicle |
|-ics |organized knowledge, treatment |Obstetrics |
|idio- |self, one's own |Idiopathic |
|ileo- |ileum |Ileocecal valve |
|infra- |below |Infrahyoid muscles |
|inter- |between, among |Interarticular ligament |
|intra- |within |Intracranial hemorrhage |
|irid(o)- |iris |Iridectomy |
|ischio- |Of or pertaining to the ischium, the hip-joint |Ischiorrhogic |
|-ism |condition, disease |Dwarfism |
|-ismus |spasm, contraction |Hemiballismus |
|iso- |Denoting something as being 'equal' |Isotonic[disambiguation needed [pic]]|
|-ist |one who specializes in |Pathologist |
|-ite |the nature of, resembling |Hermaphrodite |
|-itis |inflammation |Tonsillitis |
|-ium |structure, tissue |pericardium |
|isch- |Restriction |Ischemia |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|kal/i |potassium | |
|karyo- |nucleus |Eukaryote |
|kerat(o)- |cornea (eye or skin) |Keratoscope |
|kin(e)-, kin(o), |movement |Kinesthesia |
|kinesi(o)- | | |
|koil(o)- |hollow |Koilocyte |
|kyph(o)- |humped |Kyphoscoliosis |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|labi(o)- |Of or pertaining to the lip |Labiodental |
|lacrim(o)- |tear |Lacrimal canaliculi |
|lact(i)-, lact(o) |milk |Lactation |
|lapar(o)- |Of or pertaining to the abdomen-wall, flank |Laparotomy |
|laryng(o)- |Of or pertaining to the larynx, the lower throat cavity where the voice box is |Larynx |
|latero- |lateral |Lateral pectoral nerve |
|lei(o)- |smooth |Leiomyoma |
|-lepsis, -lepsy |attack, seizure |Epilepsy,narcolepsy |
|lept(o)- |light, slender | |
|leuc(o)-, leuk(o)- |Denoting a white color |Leukocyte |
|lingu(a)-, lingu(o)- |Of or pertaining to the tongue |Linguistics |
|lip(o)- |fat |Liposuction |
|lith(o)- |stone, calculus |Lithotripsy |
|log(o)- |speech | |
|-logist |Denotes someone who studies a certain field: _____-logy |Oncologist,pathologist |
|-logy |Denotes the academic study or practice of a certain field; The study of |hematology,urology |
|lymph(o)- |lymph |Lymphedema |
|lys(o)-, -lytic |dissolution |Lysosome |
|-lysis |Destruction, separation |Paralysis |

|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|macr(o)- |large, long |Macrophage |
|-malacia |softening |Osteomalacia |
|mamm(o)- |Of or pertaining to the breast |Mammogram |
|mammill(o)- |Of or pertaining to the nipple | |
|manu- |Of or pertaining to the hand |Manufacture |
|mast(o)- |Of or pertaining to the breast |Mastectomy |
|meg(a)-, megal(o)-, -megaly|enlargement |Splenomegaly |
|melan(o)- |black color |Melanin |
|melos |extremity |erythromelalgia |
|mening(o)- |membrane |Meningitis |
|mero- |part |merocrine,meroblastic |
|mes(o)- |middle |Mesoderm |
|meta- |after, behind |Metacarpus |
|-meter |instrument used to measure or count |Sphygmomanometer |
|-metry |process of measuring |Optometry |
|metr(o)- |Pertaining to conditions or instruments of the uterus |Metrorrhagia |
|micro- |denoting something as small, or relating to smallness |Microscope |
|mon(o)- |single |Infectious mononucleosis |
|morph(o)- |form, shape |Morphology |
|muscul(o)- |muscle |Musculoskeletal system |
|my(o)- |Of or relating to muscle |Myoblast |
|myc(o)- |fungus |Onychomycosis |
|myel(o)- |Of or relating to bone marrow |Myeloblast |
|myring(o)- |eardrum |Myringotomy |
|myx(o)- |mucus |Myxoma |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|narc(o)- |numb, sleep |narcolepsy |
|nas(o)- |Of or pertaining to the nose |nasal |
|necr(o)- |death |Necrotizing fasciitis |
|neo- |new |Neoplasm |
|nephr(o)- |Of or pertaining to the kidney |Nephrology |
|nerv- |Of or pertaining to nerves and the nervous system[Uncommon as a root: neuro- |Nerve |
| |mostly always used] | |
|neur(i)-, neur(o)- |Of or pertaining to nerves and the nervous system |Neurofibromatosis |
|normo- |normal |Normocapnia |

|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|ocul(o)- |Of or pertaining to the eye |Oculist |
|odont(o)- |Of or pertaining to teeth |orthodontist |
|odyn(o)- |pain |stomatodynia |
|-oesophageal, oesophago- (BrE) |gullet | |
|-oid |resemblance to |Sarcoidosis |
|ole |small or little | |
|olig(o)- |Denoting something as 'having little, having few' |Oligotrophy |
|om(o)- |Of or pertaining to the shoulder |Omoplate |
|-oma (singular), -omata (plural) |tumor, mass, collection |Sarcoma, Teratoma |
|omphal(o)- |Of or pertaining to the navel, theumbilicus |Omphalotomy |
|onco- |tumor, bulk, volume |Oncology |
|onych(o)- |Of or pertaining to the nail (of a finger or toe) |Onychophagy |
|oo- |Of or pertaining to the an egg, a woman's egg, the|Oogenesis |
| |ovum | |
|oophor(o)- |Of or pertaining to the woman's ovary |Oophorectomy |
|ophthalm(o)- |Of or pertaining to the eye |Ophthalmology |
|optic(o)- |Of or relating to chemical properties of the eye |Opticochemical |
|or(o)- |Of or pertaining to the mouth |Oral |
|orchi(o)-, orchid(o)-, orch(o)- |testis |Orchiectomy, Orchidectomy |
|orth(o)- |Denoting something as straight or correct |Orthodontist |
|-osis |a condition, disease or increase |Harlequin type ichthyosis,Psychosis, osteoperosis |
|osseo- |bony | |
|ossi- |bone |Peripheral ossifying fibroma |
|ost(e)-, oste(o)- |bone |Osteoporosis |
|ot(o)- |Of or pertaining to the ear |Otopathy |
|-ous |pertaining to | |
|ovari(o)- |Of or pertaining to the ovaries |Ovariectomy |
|ovo-, ovi-, ov- |Of or pertaining to the eggs, the ovum |Ovogenesis |
|oxo- |addition of oxygen | |
|oxy- |sharp, acid, acute, oxygen | |

|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|pachy- |thick |pachyderma |
|palpebr- |Of or pertaining to the eyelid [uncommon as a root] |Palpebra |
|pan-, pant(o)- |Denoting something as 'complete' or containing 'everything' |panophobia, panopticon |
|papill- |Of or pertaining to the nipple (of the chest/breast) |Papillitis |
|papul(o)- |Indicates papulosity, a small elevation or swelling in the skin, a |Papulation |
| |pimple, swelling | |
|para- |alongside of, abnormal | |
|-paresis |slight paralysis |hemiparesis |
|parvo- |small |Parvovirus |
|path(o)- |disease |Pathology |
|-pathy |Denotes (with a negative sense) a disease, or disorder |sociopathy, neuropathy |
|ped-, -ped-, -pes |Of or pertaining to the foot; -footed |Pedoscope |
|pelv(i)-, pelv(o)- |hip bone |Pelvis |
|-penia |deficiency |osteopenia |
|peo- |Of or pertaining to the penis |Peotomy |
|-pepsia |Denotes something relating to digestion, or the digestive tract. |Dyspepsia |
|per- |through | |
|peri- |Denoting something with a position 'surrounding' or 'around' another |Periodontal |
|-pexy |fixation |Nephropexy |
|phaco- |lens-shaped |phacolysis, phacometer, phacoscotoma |
|-phage, -phagia |Forms terms denoting conditions relating to eating or ingestion |Sarcophagia |
|-phago- |eating, devouring |phagocyte |
|phagist-: |Forms nouns that denote a person who 'feeds on' the first element or |Lotophagi |
| |part of the word | |
|-phagy |Forms nouns that denotes 'feeding on' the first element or part of the|Anthropophagy[disambiguation needed [pic]] |
| |word | |
|phallo- |phallus |Aphallia |
|pharmaco- |drug, medication |pharmacology |
|pharyng(o)- |Of or pertaining to the pharynx, the upper throat cavity |Pharyngitis, Pharyngoscopy |
|-phil(ia) |attraction for |Hemophilia |
|phleb(o)- |Of or pertaining to the (blood) veins, a vein |Phlebography, Phlebotomy |
|-phobia |exaggerated fear, sensitivity |arachnophobia |
|phon(o)- |sound | |
|phos- |Of or pertaining to light or its chemical properties, now historic and|Phosphene |
| |used rarely. See the common root phot(o)- below. | |
|phot(o)- |Of or pertaining to light |Photopathy |
|phren(i)-, phren(o)-, |the mind |Phrenic nerve, schizophrenia,diaphragm |
|phrenico | | |
|-plasia |formation, development |Achondroplasia |
|-plasty |surgical repair, reconstruction |rhinoplasty |
|-plegia |paralysis |paraplegia |
|pleio- |more, excessive, multiple |pleiomorphism |
|pleur(o)-, pleur(a) |Of or pertaining to the ribs |Pleurogenous |
|-plexy |stroke or seizure |Cataplexy |
|pneum(o)- |Of or pertaining to the lungs |Pneumonocyte, Pneumonia |
|pneumat(o)- |air, lung | |
|pod-, -pod-, -pus |Of or pertaining to the foot, -footed |Podiatry |
|-poiesis |production |hematopoiesis |
|polio- |Denoting a grey color |Poliomyelitis |
|poly- |Denotes a 'plurality' of something |Polymyositis |
|por(o)- |pore, porous | |
|porphyr(o)- |Denotes a purple color |Porphyroblast |
|post- |Denotes something as 'after' or 'behind' another |Postoperation, Postmortem |
|pre- |Denotes something as 'before' another (in [physical] position or time)|Prematurity[disambiguation needed [pic]] |
|presby(o)- |old age |Presbyopia |
|prim- |Denotes something as 'first' or 'most-important' |Primary |
|pro- |Denotes something as 'before' another (in [physical] position or time)|Procephalic |
|proct(o)- |anus, rectum |proctology |
|prosop(o)- |face |Prosopagnosia |
|prot(o)- |Denotes something as 'first' or 'most important' |Protoneuron |
|pseud(o)- |Denotes something false or fake | |
|psych(e)-, psych(o) |Of or pertaining to the mind |Psychology, psychiatry |
|pterygo- |Pertaining to a wing |Lateral pterygoid plate |
|psor- |Itching |Psoriasis |
|-ptosis |falling, drooping, downward placement, prolapse |Apoptosis |
|-ptysis |(a spitting), spitting, hemoptysis, the spitting of blood derived from|Hemoptysis |
| |the lungs or bronchial tubes | |
|pulmon-, pulmo- |Of or relating to the lungs. |Pulmonary |
|pyel(o)- |pelvis |Pyelonephritis |
|pyo- |pus |Pyometra |
|pyro- |fever |Antipyretic |

|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|quadr(i)- |four |quadriceps |

|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|radio- |Radiation |radiowave |
|re- |again, backward |relapse |
|rect(o)- |rectum | |
|ren(o)- |Of or pertaining to the kidney |renal |
|reticul(o)- |Net |reticulocyte |
|retro- |backward, behind |retroversion, retroverted |
|rhabd(o)- |rod shaped, striated |rhabdomyolysis |
|rhachi(o)- |spine |rachial, rachialgia, rachidian, rachiopathy |
|rhin(o)- |Of or pertaining to the nose |rhinoceros, rhinoplasty |
|rhod(o)- |Denoting a rose-red color |rhodophyte |
|-rrhage |burst forth |Hemorrhage |
|-rrhagia |rapid flow of blood | |
|-rrhaphy |surgical suturing | |
|-rrhea(AmE) |flowing, discharge |Galactorrhea, Diarrhea |
|-rrhexis |rupture | |
|-rrhoea(BrE) |flowing, discharge |diarrhoea |
|rubr(o)- |Of or pertaining to the red nucleus of the brain |Rubrospinal |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|salping(o)- |Of or pertaining to the fallopian tubes |Salpingectomy,Salpingopharyngeus muscle |
|sangui-, sanguine- |Of or pertaining to blood |Sanguine |
|sarco- |muscular, fleshlike |sarcoma |
|schist(o)- |split, cleft | |
|schiz(o)- |Denoting something 'split' or 'double-sided' |Schizophrenia |
|scler(o)- |hardness |atherosclerosis |
|-sclerosis |hardening of the skin |Multiple sclerosis |
|scoli(o)- |twisted |scoliosis |
|-scope |instrument for viewing |stethoscope |
|-scopy |use of instrument for viewing |endoscopy |
|semi- |one-half, partly | |
|sial(o)- |saliva, salivary gland |sialagogue |
|sigmoid(o)- |sigmoid, sigmoid colon | |
|sinistr(o)- |left, left side | |
|sinus- |Of or pertaining to the sinus |Sinusitis |
|sito- |food, grain | |
|somat(o)-, somatico- |body, bodily | |
|spasmo- |spasm |Spasmodic dysphonia |
|sperma-, spermo-, |semen, spermatozoa |Spermatogenesis |
|spermato- | | |
|splanchn(i)-, |viscera | |
|splanchn(o)- | | |
|splen(o)- |spleen |Splenectomy |
|spondyl(o)- |Of or pertaining to the spine, the vertebra |Spondylitis |
|squamos(o)- |Denoting something as 'full of scales' or 'scaly' |Squama |
|-stasis |stop, stand | |
|-staxis |dripping, trickling | |
|sten(o)- |Denoting something as 'narrow in shape' or pertaining to narrow-ness |Stenography |
|-stenosis |abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel or other tubular organ or structure |Stenosis, Restenosis |
|steth(o)- |Of or pertaining to the upper chest, chest, the area above the breast and under |Stethoscope |
| |the neck | |
|stheno- |strength, force, power | |
|stom(a) |mouth |stomatognathic system |
|stomat(o)- |Of or pertaining to the mouth |Stomatogastric |
|-stomy |creation of an opening |colostomy |
|sub- |beneath |subcutaneous tissue |
|super- |in excess, above, superior |superior vena cava |
|supra- |above, excessive |supraorbital vein |
|sy, syl-, sym-, syn-, |Indicates similarity, likeness, or being together; Assimilates before some |Synalgia, Synesthesia,Syssarcosis |
|sys- |consonants: before l to syl-, s tosys-, before a labial consonant to sym-. | |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|tachy- |Denoting something as fast, irregularly fast |Tachycardia |
|-tension, -tensive |pressure |Hypertension |
|tetan- |rigid, tense |tetanus |
|thec- |case, sheath |Intrathecal |
|thel(e)-, thel(o)- |Of or pertaining to a nipple [uncommon as a prefix] |Theleplasty |
|thely- |Denoting something as 'relating to a woman, feminine' |Thelygenous |
|therm(o)- |heat | |
|thorac(i)-, thorac(o)-, |Of or pertaining to the upper chest, chest; the area above the breast and under |Thorax |
|thoracico- |the neck | |
|thromb(o)- |Of or relating to a blood clot, clotting of blood |Thrombus,Thrombocytopenia |
|thyr(o)- |thyroid | |
|thym(o)(ia)- |emotions |dysthymia |
|-tic |pertaining to | |
|toco- |childbirth | |
|-tome |cutting instrument | |
|-tomy |act of cutting; incising, incision |Gastrotomy |
|tono- |tone, tension, pressure | |
|-tony |tension | |
|top(o)- |place, topical | |
|tox(i)-, tox(o)-, toxico-|toxin, poison |Toxoplasmosis |
|trache(o)- |trachea | |
|trachel(o)- |Of or pertaining to the neck |Tracheotomy |
|trans- |Denoting something as moving or situated 'across' or 'through' |Transfusion |
|trich(i)-, trichia, |Of or pertaining to hair, hair-like structure |Trichocyst |
|trich(o)- | | |
|-tripsy |crushing |Lithotripsy |
|-trophy |nourishment, development |Pseudohypertrophy |
|tympan(o)- |eardrum |Tympanocentesis |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|-ula, -ule |small |Nodule |
|ultra- |beyond, excessive | |
|umbilic- |Of or pertaining to the navel, the umbilicus |Umbilical |
|ungui- |Of or pertaining to the nail, a claw |Unguiform,Ungual |
|un(i)- |one |Unilateral hearing loss |
|ur(o)- |Of or pertaining to urine, the urinary system; (specifically) pertaining to the |Urology |
| |physiological chemistry of urine | |
|uri(c)-, urico- |uric acid | |
|urin- |Of or pertaining to urine, the urinary system |Uriniferous |
|uter(o)- |Of or pertaining to the uterus or womb |Uterus |
|Prefix or suffix |Meaning |Examples |
|vagin- |Of or pertaining to the vagina |Vagina |
|varic(o)- |swollen or twisted vein |varicose |
|vas(o)- |duct, blood vessel |vasoconstriction |
|vasculo- |blood vessel | |
|ven- |Of or pertaining to the (blood) veins, a vein (used in terms pertaining to |Vein, Venospasm |
| |the vascular system) | |
|ventr(o)- |Of or pertaining to the belly; the stomach cavities |Ventrodorsal |
|ventricul(o)- |Of or pertaining to the ventricles; any hollow region inside an organ |Cardiac ventriculography |
|-version |turning |anteversion, retroversion |
|vesic(o)- |Of or pertaining to the bladder |Vesica |
|viscer(o)- |Of or pertaining to the internal organs, the viscera |Viscera |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|xanth(o)- |Denoting a yellow color, an abnormally yellow color |Xanthopathy |
|xen(o)- |Foreign, different |Xenograft |
|xer(o)- |dry, desert-like |Xerostomia |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|-y |condition or process of |Surgery |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|zo(o)- |animal, animal life | |
|zym(o)- |fermentation, enzyme | |
|Prefix/suffix |Meaning |Example(s) |
|dacryo- |tear | |
|dactyl(o)- |Of or pertaining to a finger, toe |Dactylology |
|de- |away from, cessation | |
|dent- |Of or pertaining to teeth |Dentist |
|dermat(o)-, derm(o)- |Of or pertaining to the skin |Dermatology |
|-desis |binding |arthrodesis |
|dextr(o)- |right, on the right side |Dextrocardia |
|di- |two |Diplopia |
|di- |apart, separation | |
|dia- |(same as Greek meaning) |Diacetyl |
|dif- |apart, separation | |
|digit- |Of or pertaining to the finger [rare as a root] |Digit |
|-dipsia |suffix meaning "(condition of) thirst"' |polydipsiahydroadipsia,oligodipsia |
|dis- |separation, taking apart |Dissection |
|dors(o)-, dors(i)- |Of or pertaining to the back |dorsal,Dorsocephalad |
|duodeno- |duodenum, twelve: upper part of the small intestine (twelve inches long on |Duodenal atresia |
| |average), connects to the stomach | |
|dynam(o)- |force, energy, power | |
|-dynia |pain |Vulvodynia |
|dys- |bad, difficult |Dysphagia,dysphasia |…...

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