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Public Policing Versus Private Security

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University of Pheonix | Survey of Justice and Security | Public Policing versus Private Security Comparison | AJS/502 | Latisha Lipsey | 5/19/2014 |


Public policing and private security have many similarities as well as differences. There are a couple of different fields of policing, which include private security and public policing. State government, city government, and towns provide the community with public policing to enforce laws and serve and protect the citizens (The Debate on Private Versus Public Policing, 2007). Private security functions include loss prevention duties or protective services. Private security also specializes in closed circuit monitoring services, secret level clearance, and patrol. Public policing has the right to arrest, where as private policing does not have the right to arrest, but they are able to detain someone until law enforcement arrives (The Debate on Private Versus Public Policing, 2007). There are some cases where private security goes undercover, which is similar to public policing, this is to blend in with the environment and also used as asset protection. The vision between public policing and private security has been a little blurred through the years, private police look like and at times behave like public police, and there are also similarities of the job activities and responsibilities (The Debate on Private Versus Public Policing, 2007). But there is a huge difference between the two, in which the hiring process for public includes a physical exam and written exam, credit and an intense background check, and once an individual is accepted, they then go through training academy before they are allowed to go out on the streets to serve and protect. Private security an individual is giving a background check and when hired they are giving a few days of training with someone, and then they…...

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