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1. Provide the name of the library legislation and its date.

• Alberta, Libraries Act – Current as of October 4, 2007

2. What does the legislation say about the establishment of library boards, their size, selection, duration/terms, etc.?

• Every board shall establish their own policies.

• Library system board shall also establish a policy with respect to the provision of municipal library services to any member municipality that does not have a municipal board.

• Every board meeting should be and is open to the public.

• Every board that operates a library service point shall make its by-laws available for inspection by any person during the hours that the library service point is open to the public.

3. What responsibilities/powers do library boards have?


• To any enactment that limits its authority, has full management and control of the municipal library and shall, in accordance with the regulations, organize, promote and maintain comprehensive and efficient library services.


Plan of service:

• Municipal boards and intermunicipal library boards - Within 3 years of being established, develop and file with the Minister a plan of service with a mission statement and goals and objectives based on a needs assessment of the municipality or municipalities served by the boards and annually review its plan of service.

• Library System Board - within 4 years of being established, develop
• and file with the Minister a plan of service with a mission statement and goals and objectives.

• Federation board - shall, within 4 years of being established, prepare and file with the Minister a report.…...

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