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Reflection on Leadership Mentors

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Reflection on Leadership Mentors
Oluwatosin omole
Walden University

Having studied different leadership theories, styles and the effect on the employees. It is by unanimous consensus that it is imperative to have an effective leadership-followership relationship in an organization. Leaders need an effective subordinate to drive their goal and visions to succeed. Without subordinates the question is who are we leading? Who will put into action the vision of the organization? We will discuss the analysis of two leaders that I chose and the effect in their organization. Also discuss their relationship with their subordinates and the effect. Their leadership style in relation to their subordinates. The reflection on why I chose to follow this leader and what makes them my role model to emulate.

In all my career pathway till present I haven’t had the opportunity of choosing the boss I will like to follow. Hence based on the organizations I have worked with, there is always a boss assigned for me to follow. In other words, I have fairly limited assessment of my boss to further understand their goals, values and visions. Though I have worked with not so great bosses but I have also been fortunate to work with exceptional leaders. These charismatic leaders understood to tailor their values and goals with that of their subordinate, hence it prevents future uprising. According to the Gardner “When leaders effectively model their values, identity, emotions, and goals to their followers, the potential for authentic followership increases” (Gardner et al., 2005). The leaders I chose were my past and present bosses who have both shared their wealth of knowledge acquired over the years with me. While they climb up the leadership ladder they took me behind and encouraged self -development. It was imperative for these leaders that their…...

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