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Relationship Building Plan

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Relationship Building Plan

Michelle Black

Liberty University

July 20, 2015


Building a relationship between a teacher-administrator, teacher-teacher and teacher-student, teacher-parent is four of the most four important relationships that every teacher could have. As a teacher you would want to have a good relationship with your administrator, and fellow teachers because it will make you have a great school you year and show them that you are a caring person.

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The first relationship that I would like to talk about is the teacher-administrator relationship. As teachers we should always show our administrators respect at all times. Yes, there will be times when we think maybe they are too rough and hard on our students, but in order to help our students to succeed in their school work and in their future, we need to let them do their job. The administrators and teachers relationship is more on a personal level, so we as teachers need to remember that when we are in a meeting, or speaking to them we should also show them respect by using their personal name with their titles. This will let them know how well you respect them as your administrator.
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Next, I would like to talk about the teacher-teacher relationship. This relationship is very important to have success at the schools you work in. At some schools that I have been in I’ve noticed that all the teachers in the same grades all work together and help one another out. There are some things that we as teachers can keep in mind to have a good relationship with other teachers. Be HAPPY when you walk into work let everyone see how happy you are so that they will know that you are going to have a wonderful day. You and the other teachers will be comfortable. When you see that one is upset or having a bad day, show them concern and that you are a kind and gentle, caring person. You always want to address your fellow teachers when you are in meeting, or talking to them, just walking down the hall by their title (ex. Miss. Black) it shows them respect.
[Heading 3].
The teacher-student is the third relationship that I would like to discuss. The relationship is very important to the students, because they spend 5 to 7 hours five days a week for almost ten months with a teacher. When you have a positive teacher-student relationship, it can make things difficult but if they both work together to make it work, it will be a great year. Students need to know the very first day if the communication, showing respect in the classroom and paying attention to the teacher then the student is showing his/her teacher a positive relationship in the class. As a teacher we should pay close attention to all the student as we start to do classwork, so that we can see which one may have more difficulties, learn faster than others or just having some small little problems. We as teachers need to let the students know the very first day of school that we are in charge of the classroom, go over all rules and what will happen if they don’t fellow them. Teachers also need to know that we responsible for shaping their students minds. Students and teachers can have a close but VERY Limited relationship (only at school) because it may help a student that does not like to talk in front of a large group or one that has a low-esteem. [Heading 4].
The final relationship that I think should also be important is a teacher-parent. When my son started to school at the age of 4, I have always been involved in everything that goes on at his school, and I’m always in contact with the teachers by e-mail. If the parents are not involved in their child’s education, then the student may not do as well as they would like. Involving parents show that we as teachers care about their child and feelings. We should let them know that we want to their child succeed and go very far in life. The student’s grades and behavior will be good when the parents are more involved.
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As a teacher in a Christian school or public school setting, the way that I would let my fellow co-workers, students and parents know that I’m a Christian and I will always let them see the light of Christ shine through me. I will treat everyone just as Christ treated the church. There is a verse that if I could post in my classroom in a public school, it would Romans 13:8 it talks about loving one another.

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