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Future Planning

Tyler Fallon


Part one
I am coming to the end of my Multimedia course that I attended for a year in Drogheda Institute of Further Education. In the month of February I had to do two week's work experience. For my Work Experience I had to create a website for a client of my choice and work with my client. At the end of my work experience our superviser had to fill in a superviser's report grading the work we did over the two week period. He said I was good at my communication skills and time management skills, Overall I got a very good Superviser's report.

I learned a lot of skill's while carrying out my work experience for Cathal Farrelly, I will list some of these skill's below: Time Management: While videoing and editing wedding's for my client I learned how important time is. Time was so important while working because I had to get as many DSLR camera shot's in such a short amount of time. New program's: I learned how to use a new program called Sony Vegas Pro which I never used before. Camera usage: I learned how to use a DSLR video camera for the first time. I also learned how to use a flycam while recording the wedding's. Communication Skills: This was one of the most important skill's I learned while doing my work experience. I had to interact a lot with Cathal himself without using virbal interaction in the church. These communication skill's were also used to interact with the wedding guest's to make them feel comfortable.

Challenges: Meeting New People: This was a challenge to me trying to communicate with people and video record the wedding at the same time. Time Management: This was a big challenge trying to get my Time Management right. There is such a short space of time when trying to video the photoshoot of…...

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