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As many experts on education maintain, there are several roles that educational psychology play in training and teaching. Accordingly, other experts maintain that so inextricably integral is educational psychology to training and teaching that it is impossible to talk about effective training without educational training. The veracity behind this standpoint is underscored by the fact that, educational teaching plays a pivotal role in the dispensation of teaching and other educational tasks or services.

In the first place, Callahan and King (2011) point out that educational psychology is pivotal for teaching, due to the roles of the educator. Firstly, Callahan and King (2011) observe that the teacher is not only one who educates, but also serves as a guide to students. This means that the teacher must use educational psychology to know well, a child’s growth and development and the rate at which these are taking place. In light of this, the teacher will be able to analyze the intelligence, the interests, ability and the needs of students. This will enable the teachers to adopt the most effective technique of teaching and communication. The theoretical and practical aspects of learning can only be met when the teacher accepts that his role also takes the form of a guide.

Conversely, other experts bifurcate the importance and role of educational psychology in teaching. The first case is cited as its ability to foster learning and teaching situations, whereas the second is emphatic on the use of educational psychology in learning and teaching principles.

As far as the first case is concerned, without educational psychology, there can never be any efficiency in the teacher’s efforts.

Crozier (2009) observes that; it is educational psychology that helps an instructor to handle every student in a classroom situation. The gravity behind this recommendation is…...

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