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Room Reservation

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Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Hotel Management System
Project Proposal
Information Technology Project 2014

Project ID: ITP-14-MTR-03

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1. IT13117474– Prasad Lakmal D.H. 2. IT13128050– Madushanka A.S.S. 3. IT13118082– Charitha D.G. 4. IT13118150– Wijesinghe A.M. 5. IT13087234– Piumal Dinuka W. 6. IT13060954– Ranathunga B.S. 7. IT13110062– Shyamal W.A.I.

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Ms. K.B.A.B.Chathurika

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This is the document of the Project proposal for developing a hotel management system for Gayana hotel. It consists of the current background of the hotel and problems having due to present system and how we are going to overcome those matters through our proposed system.
After gathering requirements we have found that Gayana hotel is using a manual file based system for their processes. They are keeping a huge amount of files to handle guest details, bills, inventory items...etc. Search for a record in the file system is really harsh. Although they are not well secured there is a probability of getting damaged due to a fire or a tsunami or any other kind of a disaster.
The project aimed to build a fully functional system in order to achieve the efficiency in the hotel management. The overall mission of system development is to make the hotel staff can quickly and easily complete the hotel management task. .

Table of Contents
Abstract I
Table of Contents II
1. Introduction 1 1.1 Problem Specification 2 1.2 Solution Outline 4 1.3 Key Benefits 6
2. Objectives 7
3. Procedure 10 3.2 Project Plan 13
4. Personnel and Facilities 18
5. Software and Hardware Requirements 19
6. Budget 20
7. References 21

Table of Figures

Figure 1.2.1 High Level Architecture……………………………………….……………………...5
Figure 3.1.1 Prototype…...

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