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Roots of Love

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Every person has its deepest roots of love; and it defines people's action.

As for me, the roots of my love comes from my family. the love that my family gives me is what I

call pure coz' it is immeasurable and they're giving it without asking for returns. They're always at my back

when things get tough and has guided me to be the better person that I am. I also learned that I have to love

myself first because if I don't have enough love for myself, I can't possibly have any to share.

Another thing is that, were all happiest and have that sense of

contentment when we're doing what we love. As for me ,

if I have some time to spare, I paint or play the flute and realizing

that dong what we love that we feel most alive.

Celebrate being beautifully imperfect!

Another Agustinian values that I have developed is INTERIORITY. Before I have body issues and

insecurities. But I realize that I need to developed my self-confidence and the first step to achieve that is to

be grateful for what I am born with and that I need to embrace my uniqueness. I just need to believe in my

self and that is possible. As what they said, "you are what you think you are". If we think that we are

beautiful, our actions will follow our thoughts. I saw my true reflection from those people who loves me for

who I am which are my family and friends.…...

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