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Both mission and vision of a company or a company’s departments are crucial for the company in terms of determining the exactly true strategies and policies, each company have their own vision and mission. As a successful and experienced company like Şişecam Group, their HR department’s strategies and policies also should successful and using their experiences efficiently.
Basis of the Şişecam Group HR department’s strategy and policy are mission and vision of them. Mission of the Şişecam Group’s HR department is that “Creating a sustainable competitive advantage through HR systems that support Şişecam Group’s objectives and strategies.”. According to mission of the HR department of the Şişecam Group, they believe that with considering their company’s objectives and strategies, it’s mandatory to creating competitive atmosphere around the employees with using HR systems in order to attaining the success. On the other hand, vision of the Şişecam Group’s HR department that “Having a workforce that has impact on business results, adds value to the organization and has a high commitment for Şişecam Group’s permanent and sustainable success”. According to vision of the Şişecam Group’s HR department, their HR methods which provide the Şişecam group for recruiting qualified employees are aiming bring values from employees and employees’ goals for their having a successful career also should success of the Şişecam Group.
In terms of the policy and strategy for the Şişecam Group’s HR department, these are also playing an important role for the success of the Şişecam Group. One of the policy and strategy of the HR department of the Şişecam is that “recruiting talent that share their values”. This means that employees of the Şişecam Group should feel commitment to Şişecam Group’s sustainable and permanent success, as mentioned by the vision of the company. Also, it means that employees of the Şişecam Group should be suitable for the culture of the company and their rituals. Another policy and strategy of the Şişecam Group is that “Supporting the training of model professionals who excel in their fields with their knowledge and experience”. So, it’s important to choosing right person to right place in the company and they need to prove their experience and knowledge for their suitableness for the recruiting. Lastly, “Utilizing a fair and consistent remuneration system which is contemporary and takes into consideration the job’s size, employee’s contribution to the job and his/her performance”. It’s important to remuneration system’s fairness and effectiveness for the motivation of the employees. Because, if employees can get their rewards according to their performance, both their effort for the doing job will increase and their commitment for the company will increase because of the their change to get their rewards in a fair way.…...

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