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‘Sacred Texts Should Be Written in Modern Language so That Everyone Can Understand Them.’

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‘Sacred texts should be written in modern language so that everyone can understand them.’
For Christians, the Bible is a sacred text, it is the word of God so has authority over them. In the Bible it says ‘All scripture is God breathed’ (2 Timothy) which means that the Bible was ‘created’ by God.
Some Christians might say that the Bible is already in modern day language as it has been translated into many different languages already. Originally the Bible was written in Greek and Hebrew. We can’t translate it into a more modern version as some things may be lost in translation due to wrong interpretation.
Other Christians would say that it makes reading the Bible easier to understand. If the Bible is easier to understand then there is a higher chance of a popular faith. It is already a very read book and if translated could become even more popular.
Some Christians are often worried that the stories will lose what they are really about and also worry that since it was first written it has changed when last translated. There will always be a risk of changing the meanings of the stories, particularly if they are set in modern language. If someone wants to read the Bible they should read it in the form available, it is one of the most translated books in the world so is available in almost every language anyway.
Other Christians would say that the Bible should be translated so that it is available for all to read. If it is updated then more people would read it and this means that there will be more people following Christianity and therefore God. Christians want others to join their faith so that it can thrive and so that they can develop a closer relationship with God.
Some Christians would say that what is modern language today will be different in a few years. There is no point translating something which is already translated. If it is then it might lose meaning. The stories, hymns and poetry might be ruined in a newer translation.
A Humanist would respect Christian’s feelings about the Bible but might feel that it shouldn’t be updated because it is not as important as the welfare of humanity. Looking after humans is the most important thing and we should focus on that rather than updated sacred texts.
Personally, I agree that sacred texts should be written in modern language because it would enable all to read and understand it better. I respect Christian feelings about this topic and understand that it may be a difficult area for them as they may dispute over whether or not it should be modernised.
In conclusion, some Christians may feel that the Bible should be updated because it allows all to read it, and other Christians would feel that actually the Bible is fine as it is and modernising could be damaging to the unique stories inside.…...

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