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Safe Nursing Ratios

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Nurse to Patient Ratio 1

Safe Nurse to Patient Staffing Ratios
A Qualitative Summary

Introduction to Nursing Research
Grand Canyon University

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The healthcare industry stands in the face of many changes, one of which is the forecasted shortages of registered nurses in acute care settings. Unless action is taken and resolutions are not put in place evidence shows that this problem will only worsen in the coming years. Left unaddressed this shortage deprives the acute care patient of quality care, overburdens current staffing and detracts from the facilities overall performance. A further complication to the already strained workforce is the predicted retirement of the “ baby boomer” generation, which is forecast to increase the patient care needs at a rate that cannot be met by the current staffing levels. According to the “United States Registered Nurse report Card” issued by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2012) this shortage is predicted to spread across the United States through 2030.

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A quantitative approach to understanding this problem is the most appropriate choice to gather information such as low morale, increasing workload, high attrition levels and difficulty hiring replacement staff. The previously mentioned problems need to be understood and addressed to effectively solve the problem of attracting and retaining quality-nursing staff. Recent years have seen a growing need for more registered nurses in the acute setting related to shorter hospital stay and the greater acuity of patients admitted. This being said the safety and quality of direct care is reliant on adequate numbers of experienced and quality nurses in the…...

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