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Operations Management Module


October 2014
Module Resource Book

Operations Management

Module Aims:

This module provides a comprehensive introduction to Operations Management as practised in organisations. It provides an overview of key aspects of operations management from both manufacturing and service sectors’ perspective within modern organisations. The module considers operations strategy in the broadest sense. The broad aims of the module are:

* To develop and introduce and develop a critical understanding operations management for modern organisations in a variety of sectors of activity; * To consider operations strategy in its broadest sense and relate this to the internal management and organisation of the production of goods and services within organisations in different sectors of the economy; * To examine how to organise resources and operations, and how to improve them using a variety of quality tools and techniques and process improvement activities; * To consider the organisation in its wider context; examining how inputs on the supply side can be managed and improved, and on the demand side how customers, and customer satisfaction can be understood.

Module Status: Core Module run in Semester 2 of the Masters in Business Management Programme and is credit rated at 20 M level credits.

Teaching Staff:

Mr. Hadi 01740050 |

Learning Outcomes:

After successfully completing the module, you should be able to:

* Evaluate the nature, scope and extent of manufacturing and service operations strategy; * Critically evaluate the use of quality tools and techniques for a wide range of organisational problems; * Solve complex operational problems related to managing capacity and constraints within organisations; * Demonstrate the application of strategies, tools and…...

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