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Jaylynn Patterson St. Sabina Academy January 29, 2014 7th grade

Violence has affected my life by making me scared to go outside to hang out with my friends without someone getting shot. Also, violence has affected my life by making me feel sad and depressed every time I watch the news and hear about young people getting shot and killed. Another, reason how violence has affected my life is by making me realize how dangerous it is in the world and how I have to be very careful when I go places. Violence has affected my life by making me fearful for the future. Also, violence has affected my life by making me wonder if the world is coming to an end. One of the main reasons how violence has affected my life is by making me have no hope for the future. Some, other reasons how violence has affected my life is by making me nervous for the future. Violence has affected my life because some of my family members have died because of violence. Since some of my family members have died because of violence it affects my life because I miss my family members and then I remember how they died because of senseless violence. Another, reason how violence has affected my life is because it makes me question the future. Will there still be violence in the future? Or will the future be different? I hope that there would be less violence in the future. I really hope that there will be less violence In the future because so many children are dying. These are all the main reasons how violence has affected my life. I think there are many causes of youth violence. One of the many causes of youth violence is because children are in gangs. I think that a lot of children are in gangs because their parents don’t spend any time with them or care about them. Another, reason why I think that children are in gangs is because it makes them feel grown and tough like they run something. Also, I think that children are in gangs is because they may feel neglected and unwanted from their family so they think that if they join a gang they may receive that love and caring that they didn’t receive at home from their parents and family. In the end I truly don’t think that being in a gang gets you anywhere in life but in jail or dead. I feel like I can do many things about violence. One of the many things that I can do about violence is having people march with me who are against violence. Also, I can have pray meetings with other people who lives have been affected with violence. Another, thing that I can do is talk to police officers and to see what they can do to make neighborhoods safer for children so that they won’t have to worry about someone getting shot and killed. I think and feel that if I can do something about violence then so can other children and we can all stick together to change the world. I am going to try to do all these things about violence and you should help me!…...

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