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The film I would be intrigued to make would be one about a typical guy in high school. He must do a school presentation for Health class, and he choses it to be about anti-drugs. He starts off by telling the class how he may start an anti-drug campaign (for the grade, of course) and the teacher buys it. What she doesn’t know is that he is actually a drug dealer himself, which is pretty ironic. The main shots of my film will occur in school, either in a classroom or in the courtyard, with a guy who looks pretty innocent as a character. I will put a soundtrack to my film, music of a soft tone: but not a children’s lullaby. I would ideally like to make my film 3 minutes long, if possible. The editing would be pretty basic, no fast action or severe chopping of clips would be compatible with the genre of my film. New England's colony once started out with small fishing areas, farming and ship building. People often got confused when they heard New England built so many ships when actually, a lot of the slaves were held in New primarilyEngland's ships and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, without any say at all in the matter. Colonial manufacturing was limited during this time also. the Middle colonies Economy was primarily focused on economic and Religious reasons, not like New England. Theses colonies focused most in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware. They were often called ‘bread baskets’ by the amount of wheat they were able to produce. the 13 first British colonies were divided up into 3 main, 3 of which are New England and the middle colonies. John Winthrop, the minister, led around 1,000 Puritans to set up the Massachusetts Bay colony. He wanted to create the ‘city upon a hill’ as a modern model like example of goodness, this happened in 1629. The middle colonies and New England’s most relatable topic was that they were both located between the atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian mountains. They both developed into strong, independent colonies after time. The both also cared a lot about political, social, and economic issues.…...

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