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Sea world

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Part A 2.1 The history of Sea World 2.2 Management performance evaluation 2.3 Roles of competing value framework within Sea World 2.3.1 Co-Ordinator 2.3.2 Monitor 2.3.3 Mentor 2.3.4 Facilitator 2.3.5 Innovator 2.3.6 Broker 2.3.7 Producer 2.3.8 Director

3 Part B 3.1 External pressures 3.2 Recommendations to the management of Sea World

4 Conclusion
5 References

1 Introduction

The objective of this report is to review the historical development of Sea World from management perspective and to evaluate management’s performance against the competing values framework.

Secondly, based on the findings, recommendations will be made to Sea Worlds management to address shortfalls.

2 Part A

2.1 The history of Sea World

In 1958, Australian businessman, Keith Williams bought a large tract of land along the Nerang River in Surfers Paradise and established the Water Ski Gardens. Williams’ primary objective of the venture was to attract tourists to Australia from abroad. Due to the expanding tourist numbers, the attraction was moved in 1971 to Split, Main Beach as 'Ski Land Australia'. (Tomar, 2012)

SeaWorld took a giant step forward in 1973 when its main competitor, Marine land, was purchased by Williams. The famous aquatic performers were transferred to SeaWorld, strengthening the quality of its employees (A Short History of Sea World on the Gold Coast, 2012). To differentiate, marine mammal shows were in 1976 and amusement rides in 1978 (Kind and Hyde, 1991).

Sea world has gone from strength to strength, with many more amusement rides being added to its repertoire the past two decades. Even though Sea World is an entertainment park, it also has its roots embedded in education. The park has become a common destination for school field trips where children…...

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