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Michael D'Ambrosio, referred to as Prospective Husband, and Justine Shaffer, referred to as Prospective Wife, hereby agree on this 27th day of April, in the year 2013, as follows; A. This Prenuptial Agreement is made between Michael D'Ambrosio and Justine Shaffer who are contemplating marriage to each other in the near future. B. The parties intend for this agreement to become effective upon their marriage pursuant to the laws of the State of New York. C. The parties agree that the purpose of this Prenuptial Agreement is to provide for their ownership and the division of their current property and future property to be owned. D. Each party has had the opportunity to retain their own lawyer and receive independent legal advice regarding the terms of this agreement. E. The parties have exchanged financial statements which each other, the financial statements provide full and complete disclosure of all assets and liability. F. Each party agrees and affirms the following: a. That the parties did execute the agreement voluntarily; b. That the agreement was not unconscionable when it was executed;
In consideration of the upcoming marriage, and in consideration of the promised contained in this agreement, the parties agree as follows: 1) The following property will not be deemed as shared property. a. any property owned by a party at the date of execution of this agreement b. any property gained by a party through an inheritance 2) In the event of the parties separating, any jointly owned property will be owned equally with each party entitled to fifty percent of the property. 3) In the event of the death of one of the parties, any shared property will be owned solely by the surviving spouse. 4) Where either party commingles solely owned property with shared property, any commingled property will be presumed to be jointly owned property. 5) Any debts that one of the parties is to owe at the date of execution of this agreement is solely responsible for those debts 6) In the event of a separation, each party will be financially obligated for 50% of any jointly owed debts

X________________________________ Prospective Husband Signature & Date

X________________________________ Prospective Wife Signature & Date

7) Each party shall be responsible solely for any tax obligations associated with their separate property. 8) Both Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife have separate income and assets to independently provide for their own respective financial needs. 9) The parties realize that their financial circumstances may be altered in the future due to changes in their health, the cost of living, their employment or their marital status. In the event there will be additional support to be paid to the party in need of assistance and care. a) The additional payments will last until the party in need of assistance can care for oneself for at least a period of 2 months. 10) In the event that there is a separation between the parties, Justine Shaffer will be entitled to support in the monthly amount of 2000 every month on the condition that the parties are married for at least 2 years. 11) As long as the parties are married at time of death of one of the parties, the parties agree that the surviving spouse will be entitled to the following: a. Rights to death or survivor benefits under any employer pension plan 12) Should any of this Agreement be held by a court of law to be invalid, unenforceable or void, it will not have an effect of invalidating, voiding or severing the remainder of the agreement. 13) The parties to this agreement acknowledge and agree that their circumstances at the execution of this Agreement can change for various of reasons, and still the parties intend to be fully bound to the terms of this agreement. 14) This agreement creates a fiduciary relationship between the parties and each party intends to act with duty, care and loyalty to the terms of the agreement and to each other. 15) The laws of New York will govern the interpretation of this agreement and the status, ownership and division of the property. 16) This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and may be modified only in a writing executed by both Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals as of the day and year first written above. SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED | In the presence of: |

Witness: ________________________________
Printed Name & Date : _____________________ |
Prospective Husband Signature & Date

X________________________________ Prospective Wife Signature & Date…...

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