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Security Issues

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Front office and guest safety and security

Security Issues
Security encompasses areas such as security of the property itself, company assets, employees' and customers' personal belongings and valuables, life security, personal security etc. In all workplaces management stipulates that it is not responsible for valuables and employees personal belongings (their handbags, items kept in the personal lockers, etc.). Yet management must take all possible measures to prevent theft among employees and of employee belongings through its hiring practices and through the implementation of effective management, human resources and operational policies, such as: • Background checks of selected applicants • Policies related to employees' entry to, and exit from, the workplace • Spot checks of locker rooms and lockers • Effective supervision and control during the work cycle • Policies related to the discovery of criminal records and wrongdoing among, and by, employees • Control of people entering and exiting the workplace
With regard to guest valuables, management informs guests that the hotel is not responsible for valuables left in the room, advising them to secure these in safety deposit boxes provided by the hotel. Besides taking care of security issues related to the people they employ (as outlined above), management must undertake some necessary measures, among which: • Providing "secure" (safety) deposit boxes and areas to keep valuables • Policies and practices to ensure the security of these boxes and areas • Management and operational policies regarding the security of guest rooms • Management and operational policies regarding the security of public areas • Security policies and practices for the back-of-the-house areas • Employment and training of security personnel…...

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