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Seniors 2014: Academically Challenged

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Seniors 2014
Academically Challenged

A Research Paper
Presented to
Mr. Noel D. Saducas

In partial fulfillment of the Requirements in Science 10

Jacinto, Therese Francis
Mayor, Shayna
Pegarido, Diosamae
Billones, Sim
Sanchez, James Kenneth

February 2014
I. Abstract . 1
II. Introduction 2
III. Statement of the Problem 3-4
A. Objectives
B. Hypotheses
IV. Related Literature 5-6
V. Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data 7-16
VI. Conclusion 17
VII. Outputs of the Study 18-19
A. Recommendations
B. Action Plan
VIII. Bibliography 20
IX. Appendices 21-36
Appendix A – Sample Questionnaire
Appendix B – Other Researches

In this research material, we aim to know the problems of a senior high school student especially the K+12 coming. A survey was made containing questions about what we have observed among other senior students. We had 100 respondents from different high schools. We consider you to definitely see the answers to the research questions because we can clearly prove that what we experience are just same with what our respondents face. The result recommends more number of students to participate and a wider area including rural areas.

It is everyone’s dream to graduate high school. It is because it will be their stepping stone to fully realize their dreams. Graduating high school is not as easy as you think especially when we are on the verge of the K+12 implementation. It is a hard thing to do, especially when something bothers or hinders you to do your main purpose in high school. There are many requirements to pass, hard lessons to learn and different problems to encounter. A senior high school student will never say that it is very easy to graduate secondary education because of the very many struggles he…...

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