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Blue Spider
Gary was given the opportunity to be the Project Manager because of his R&Dbackground, but he doesn’t have the experience or skills to manage a project. Technicalbackground itself will not make an efficient project manager.
Major Issues:

Gary focused too much on R&D works or administrative paper works without abalance.2. Error on financial planning.3. No standby schedule when the formal one was interrupted by predictably possiblechanges.4. Lack of communication with the Lord since the beginning which leaded to cost morethan double time on communication after that.5. Gary can not find Gable when he needed support. And Gable intervene the projectseveral times without noticing Gary, which makes the project management worksmore chaos, it leaded to reschedule or re-do works at the last minute.
1. Paul’s job is to take most responsibility for the R&D works. Additional staff can takeresponsibility for additional administrative paper works. Gary can spend most of histime on managing the whole project through managing other people.2. Discussion with Elliot will be useful before submitting any plan to top managers.3. Make a standby schedule for different stages and hand out to every department withthe formal schedules. Standby schedule can be made based on slack time or differenttime for specific task.4. Meet with Lord at every stage of the project. Can use electronic detailed schedule andtask sheets and update them daily, this will help both parties know where they are andwhere they are going.5. Schedule of meeting with Gable is important. Gable, Gary and Paul should work as ateam. Since they already knew there was possibility to change material in the middleof the project, they should make appropriate preparation in the beginning, instead of re-doing everything when changes did happen.…...

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